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I have been on a spiritual journey for sometime now and I have learned a lot about who I am and what abilities I have. Although I have been in tuned to my spiritual self since I was a child I have just recently accepted it and expressed. I live my life day by day trying to use my gifts to help others. Although I have developed my intuition and spirituality I come to realized that I am also in tuned with my other gifts such clairvoyance and empathy. I know a lot of people refer to my gifts as psychic abilities but I feel the word psychic is over used, outdated, and often associated with fake people only wanting money so I prefer the term spiritual seer. I prefer spiritual seer because I am  not some fake person looking for money. I truly and honestly use my abilities for good and if I am dealing with a client and I can't answer them and feel as though I can't help them I will honestly let them know that and point them in another direction towards someone who I feel can help them. A lot of psychics out there won't do that and that's not fair to the client. My readings are helpful, truthful, authentic, and genuine. I strive to provide you with the best spiritual guidance I can give to help you. Below will be some reviews from some clients when I was selling on eBay. Since eBay removed my listings I am currently selling some of my readings here on my blog under the Shop tab as well on Etsy under the Dark Secret Creations tab. 

Readings I Offer

I offer here on my blog a Love reading, Job/Career reading, and a 3, 6, or 12 month prediction reading. On the Etsy shop Dark Secret Creations some the reading are

Reading Reviews

---- Great Service! Excellent Person! Highly Recommend!----

----Wonderful and insightful reading as always!----

----Thank you for the honesty and no sugar coating----

----Gives me the guidance i need....a++++honest not a soothsayer!!!----

---Excellent and informative reading as always..one of the best :-)----

----He is something else! he knew id have an epiphany in life and it started today!----

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Email: Delliott83@gmail.com
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Also see Readings by Melody
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