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          Hello, my name is Dwayne. I was born in Southern New Jersey and now reside in Sussex County Delaware. I've graduated class of 2001 from a high school in Delaware. After that, besides working, I helped care for my diabetic blind mother. In 2010 I started college at Ashford University and graduated 2012. I now hold an Associates of Arts Degree in Business

  Some of my hobbies include reading, photography, gardening, cooking, and writing. I am currently trying to finish my first novel. I also like to collect Coco-Cola collectibles, and model cars/ motorcycles. I'm a down to earth person and I'm an earth element. I'm into meditation because its so calming. I love to paint and draw as well. I am also really into natural   healing, magical herbalism, and taking the spiritual and unseen aspects of things and using it beneficially. I am studying and practicing shamanism. I am a spiritual seer and offer a few types of readings on my shop 
Dark Secret Creations. I offer psychic readings as well as a few tarot card readings and a pendulum board reading. As for Moonlight Jewelers and Dark Secret Creations I am the co-owner along with my soon to be wife.

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