Friday, October 7, 2016

Agartha: The Inner Earth

Channeled Session

October 6, 2016

            The inner earth is a topic of extreme importance. It is a topic which needs to be spoken on. Some of you are aware of this as Agartha, some as the fairy realms, etc. We speak to you on this topic, because we hear many of you yearning for sanctuary, and how close could a wonderful world be to earth than right under your feet? This is the reason for millennia that this topic has been so important. There are various portals inside of your earth. Many people feel that if they travel deep enough into the caves of earth that they will find this place. We come to say that it is not that simple. It takes a high degree of vibrational energy to enter in properly. We want to point out the quote which was established by the human Alexandre Saint-Yves in his work on the topic of the name Agartha. “Agartha and all of its wisdom and wealth will be accessible for all mankind, when Christianity lives up to the commandments which were once drafted by Moses and Jesus. We revealed this information to him using the mindset which he was accustomed to. This means that humanity will be able to access this connection to the other realms layering within your own when humanity the global ascension comes more underway. The original teachings of those masters long ago, such as some of those within the religious sector, have prepared humanity to be able to open up their minds to a certain degree. Without these individual religious teachings humanity would merely be living in the moment of now and the physical without looking any closer into the spiritual. For that is the purpose of spiritual faith, but your earth is awakening to a degree of ascension into higher thought and purpose. This is a matter of digging deeper into the realms beyond and accessing more knowledge and understanding. The global ascension is preparing each of you for your spiritual awakenings, and it is a flow of steady progress. Once this ascension energy has really set in, many of you will find yourselves becoming more in tune with the other realms which overlap your own. In this way you will be connected more to the realms beyond your own. It will be in small ways at first, and then in larger ways.

           Our realm is a place of beauty and connection which is based in both the physical and the beyond, which in your terms would be deemed as spiritual. We go by many names, but that is no matter. For what you call us is not as important as understanding the connection we share. You see our ships leaving through the Ocean tunnels. This is seen by all of you as USO’s or Unidentified Sailing Objects. Also you see us as some of the UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects. Since we are also in communion with physical, we have ships for inter realm and galactic travel. We have bases within your earth, and many portals which connect us. Humanity understand it as the earth being hollow with an inner sun. The way to reach this inner world would be through caves and tunnels which connect the inner earth with the outer earth. Imagine for a moment that you were traveling down these tunnels. Imagine that you walked and walked and finally you saw the entrance into the inner earth. You see it almost as if you were walking back to the surface again. This is the portal, the moment before when you were in the tunnel looking out into the inner earth surface, is how these things work. You would be looking through the portal, and if you continued to walk, it would transport you through. You could turn around once therein and see back into the tunnel. Think of this like your screen that you’re looking at right now. You’re seeing our channeler speaking our words. You are in one place, and they another. But it seems that you’re right in front of one another. Imagine that you could walk through the screen and be there with them or vice versa. This is the basic understandings of portals.

           For millennia humanity has known us through various cultures and under various names. We are some of the first to communicate with all of you. We come from the stars in your sky. We come from the constellations you all have gazed upon for years wondering if life exists. Yet humanity has dna based from the stars too. Much life has these star connections. It is not a rare occurrence. Very long ago the portals or stargates within your earth were placed. We established bases within the earth that were like sanctuaries. You ask us if we also have a physical place within the earth which some are in? Yes, there is something within earth which is similar in wording and understanding to what some of you may refer to as a biodome. That is the closest understanding we can give you. This biodome uses the earths minerals and substance to sustain the eco system. This has been set up for many years. When you see the photos which humans have been made of the inner earth realm, you can better understand its existence as a very large biodome. Very few make their way here into the dome, which we call an Euntholn (Eh-you-n-thawl-n) in our understanding. If you hear tales of humans making their way into the inner earth, it was not to the Euntholn/biodome, it was through the stargate portals which we have set up all over the earth. Essentially this means that they have traveled into another realm away from your own, but in similar timing.

           Many wonder if we were in connection with or in fact are who you all know at the Atlanteans. Atlantis was a sector of our communion which was established on top of the earth. Many of you know Atlantis as an island, and that is because it essentially was an island. It certainly was floating. But in reality it was something which can be called an Eco-Base. An Eco-Base is basically a floating ship which has the capabilities of flight or it can create a dome and sink into the water to act as an underwater base. This was a floating island, but many of you see Atlantis as being lost. We connect to tell you that it is not lost. It is still in existence. But it is no longer floating in the water as an island. It also did not fly off, even though it could have. Indeed, Atlantis sunk, but this was not a disaster. It is now in the deepest depths of the Ocean with a boundary of protection around it which means that it will not easily be found by tracking devices in your current technology. It will be found when it is time to lift it up back to the surface.        

      In regards to the Galactic Federation Of Light and of the different councils and sectors therein, we commend them for their work. We are in connection with them, and our bases are open to them. Our work is more on earth stabilization in closer more intimate ways, whereas theirs goes out into a broadened stream of missions. One might use our methods as subtle yet divine. We leave you with this knowledge today. Work on awakening your mind to the knowledge that is beyond current thought and physical vision. Let your minds and imagination wonder, because they key resides within the intuition. SemSeLar, we are home.   

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