Sunday, August 14, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Weekly Global Message: August 14, 2016

How to successfully astral project?

Astral projection is a task that many of you want to accomplish and too many of you have been bringing these questions forward to us through Universal Energies. Before we can get to the answers that all of you are seeking on how to accomplish astral projection, we need to examine why it is so hard. It is hard to do well in physical form because for all of your existence in your current Incarnation you have gotten used to your body. Your body has gotten used to only disconnecting through dreams , and trying to awaken yourself enough to astral travel can be a very long drawn-out process. It takes a lot of focus and energy. It takes a lot willingness and ability to separate yourself from your physical. That is something that is something that each person needs to realize on their own. The first step is of course getting to a point where your body is in an extremely relaxed State. At that point you will want to vision yourself outside of your body. Do that in whatever way I feel comfortable for you. You can also call upon a spirit guide to help pull you out. While you were in that relaxed State of Mind concentrate on your body and then concentrate on your spirit. Try to differentiate the two. Try to discover similarities and the differences between those two and that will be too successful astral travels.

How to connect with higher dimensions?

This answer will depend upon in which ways you want to connect with higher Dimensions. If it is on it and energetic frequency level, this answer will depend upon in which ways you want to connect with higher Dimensions. If it is on it and energetic frequency level, the best way to connect would be to raise your own energetic frequencies and vibrations. If you want to connect with the higher dimensions on a more physical level, then this would require a need to focus more on the things around you. On Earth nowadays many people are On Earth nowadays many people are in something similar to a tunnel vision. They have their minds facing forward their eyes facing forward so often. By this I mean focusing on very mundane issues. That is not to say that focusing on mundane issues are bad, but it does mean that in order to be aware of the other dimensions and realms that are coexisting with you at this moment, you need to look all around you. This is in focusing on nature and embracing everything that the world has to offer. This is in taking things slower. Focus your hearing on all sounds that are around you, not just the loud ones. Focus your eyes on everything that is visually able to be seen, not just the things that are right in front of your face. Do this with all of your senses and you will begin to experience more awareness of the higher dimensions.

Why is meditation important during the global ascension?

Meditation during the global Ascension is extremely important because it gives your mind a chance to relax. Meditation should not always revolved around achieving Visions. Achieving Visions is very good thing, what medication should be also about relaxation of your mind. Sleep is the only time when a human mind gets a chance to relax, it's a meditation is like a nap for the mind. Meditation on a regular basis during the processes of spiritual Ascension an Awakening will help things to move faster. Meditation is like the oil in an engine. Meditation is the oil and your body is the engine. The engine cannot run without the oil or else it'll overheat. The oil cools down the engine and helps things to flow easier. Meditation is the same thing for your body as oil is for an engine.

Lira, Lyran Council Of High Light
During the time of this high-energy period people are beginning to focus on what they want to accomplish. Many people are finding it hard to have motivation to accomplish those tasks. No that Renewed Energy is coming. As the Lions Gate portal close as many of you will begin to feel a renewed sense of peace, and there will be ascensions for many of you that will help you in connecting with the motivation required for accomplishment of your goals. Know that this time is for focusing on what you do want to accomplish. It is about finding that energy deep within yourself and bringing it forward. Many of you seem to be having a hard time bringing that energy forward. For some of you it is the fluctuations in weather, for others it is changes and work our daily lives. We see a lot of distractions and a lot of you are feeling this too. We want you to know that you need to keep pushing forward. All of you are on your own divine paths and as long as you have a forward Focus all will be well. Meditation is extremely beneficial to all of you during this time. Look within and the answers will be provided. We have the Galactic Federation of Light when all of you to know that we hear your calls and we understand what it is the Earth is going through. We want all of you to focus on the positive and that you will bring more positive to you. This is a basic message and this is a message of Hope and peace. It is a message that maybe shorter, but it has a lot more power. We are sending many light rays to you that will help all of you with your DNA activations. For those of you who were on a path of spiritual awareness but then back to way, a time for I love you too refocus on your spiritual path it's coming. For those of you who have not begin your spiritual path yet, the time is approaching and the doors of awareness are opening. For all of you who are steadily progressing along your spiritual path, to you we say congratulations in further advancements that are to come. There's a lot to look forward to. We send you many blessings and until next time Cosmic love to all.

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