Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 24, 2016

Gfol message August 24, 2016
This moment in earth time humans are experience a good cleansing. Some have been feeling tired, others more emotional. It is all good and for the higher purpose. We want of you to know that light rays are ascending from portals that will be opening. We want you all to be aware that we have people on them for stabilisation. Within the next few weeks each of you will experience good energy that is available. Go outside more, sun gaze, star gaze, this will open up your energy centers to receiving the coding.

Realms of light

I speak of love coming from the center core of your realm and extending outwards. This reaches each of you, and I want you all to be aware that pure love is upon you. Love all as you would want to be loved, that will create a beautiful space for existence. We have information about sun flares. They may be increasing, which will produce energetic frequency delays will some, but for other who are aware to receive this will good for the ionosphere. Channeling will be heightened. Between 12am and 4am will be the best connecting times. You each will experience more energy when connecting with open air. By this I mean get outside and enjoy the open space if possible for your living area. If not then meditating around plants is a good place to begin. Be aware that earth's global ascension is coming. Be aware that all will ascend, even those you all see as internet trolls and negativity sharers. All will be in there own timing. Spread love all around you and love is what you'll get back in return.

Connective message:
Your earth space agencies have recently found their station named stereo b. They are limiting their knowledge about this. They know where it went and they know why it went out of sync.

STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) is a solar observation mission.Two nearly identical spacecraft were launched in 2006 into orbits around the Sun that cause them to respectively pull farther ahead of and fall gradually behind the Earth. This enables stereoscopic imaging of The Sun and solar phenomena, such as coronal mass ejections.

They will limit the truth, but the craft never fully went out of sync. It got bombarded with outside energy rays from a Galactic ship that didn't belong to them. But it didn't go completely off radar, and the secret part of your governments are aware of this. It captured depth photographic evidence of life outside of earth. Therefore they blocked it out until now. The reasoning they have let this out as being rediscovered is mainly unknown us. Remember that global awareness of Galactic life existence will be made known. Stay tuned for more.

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