Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 22, 2016

Gfol message August 22, 2016
Eail (e-ay-el)

I come from a place of solitude in an area you know as m72. This is in what area you refer to as the Aquarius constellation. We call my home on m72 Biolume. It is a place of peace and tranquility. Our planet is 30 times the size of earth and has visual similarities. We have lush forests and flowing rivers with waterfalls. We embrace our planet in its pure form and live with our planet. We bring a message of love to humanity. I bring a message for you all to realize what harm you are doing to earth. Be aware that if a planet suffers, so too will the occupants of that planet. Take care of your earth, your planet is your home right now. It is precious. Take your individual steps into making it a better place. We bring knowledge you that many civilizations have ruined their home planet and went out to seek shelter elsewhere. It is a shame that this happens. The planet is used and then discarded to rejuvenate itself. We on Biolume bring planetary love to all, even the plants and rocks. We speak for those which get underappreciated. Many of you feel underappreciated in your lives. You feel as though people use you and do not care. So too does your earth. Take care of your home and your home will take care of you. Humanity is becoming aware of how everything has energy and particles which interact with one another, for good or for bad.

When you whisper loving words to water and freeze it, the crystalline structure responds, so too with negative. This is what you all have discovered. It is not merely water, it is everything. All things respond to its outside energy. So what you put out into things, you get back. If you want high-energy you'll want to be aware of the give and take required and the balance required for those energetically exchanged vibrations. Basically, if you give good things out, to all things not just those which move, you'll get good back. This is an important message for you all because you all need high energy to advance into your Global Ascension. This is an important message for all of you because it will aid you in gaining the energy required for your own personal spiritual ascensions and advancements as well. Meditation in nature is a good way to prove that there is an energetic balance. When someone meditates in nature, they receive good vibrational energy, and they also are giving out those good energy vibrations for the earth and the things around. This is a give-and-take balance that is established during those nature meditations. It is like giving care to a plant that you grew from a seed. You grew it because you put your energy into making it grow. So too can you grow the Earth. Earth's growth is equal to Earth's Global Ascension. This is a peaceful message meant to instill knowledge to you. For I, Eail speak to you all about love for all things, even the elements. Send your love to all, not just things that your eyes see as alive. If you had proof that the earth could feel, wouldn't you take better care of it? Consider that during your daily lives and share positivity whenever possible. We of Biolume treat life simplistically and that doesn't mean that we are not advanced. It merely means that we are aware of the balance it takes to establish a good connection with your home. We want all of you to have this global message. Peace, light, and cosmic love to you all!!

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