Friday, August 19, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 19, 2016

Gfol message August 19, 2016
Collective Message

Reality and the process of awakening to knowledge that what seems to be true, may not. You all have the ability to awaken your manifestations to attract to you what you desire. Nothing is impossible, a part of the message for humanity is that you each must understand that knowledge is not preconceived. It is free flowing and can go in any direction, just like truth. Know that for many of you the process of awakening can be tough. The road to understanding the higher perceptions is a rough one, but each of you have the power within. Each of you are someone special and possible for achieving greatness. Focus on the daily mundane existence creates a false sense of reality that your daily life is what is real. The pursuit of bigger and better items of a party of this too. The bills, the jobs, the schooling, the work, the food, the newest items, etc. The constant back and forth of the same old thing is what many of you are tired of. This is even in media, politics, and in the things considered fun by some such as bars, clubs, amusement places. Many are becoming bored, and this seems to send you into a depression. It's like a thirst that cannot be quenched with just any drink. Like you are in a ball continuing to roll, but not going anywhere. You long to experience life outside of this ball, but you don't know how. The ball is false reality. This is why messages from our sectors come through speaking of looking within yourselves. You much search within yourself and through spiritual outlets to graduate from false reality into reality. Many of you wonder if this walk is an illusion, to which we reply yes and no. The experience is very real, and in that way it is not illusion. But this is a complex subject. Humanity is just now discovering quantum physics, but it goes so much deeper. We will be releasing more about this, but for now question the daily grind and why does it have to grind? Shouldn't it flow easily like a calm river flowing into a deep ocean? Shouldn't life be felt in full reality? Seen in true vivid colors? This is the meaning of the global ascension. Some seem to feel like these messages have been repeated too much and that they are not necessary, some feel nothing is forth coming. But it is. Know that truth resides just around the bend.

What is the purpose of the messages we send out through channelers?

The purpose of these messages are of Hope, passion, guidance, and Truth to the people of Earth and Beyond. Think about all of the prayers that are being put out to higher beings, and not many answers come forth that are direct. Our messages is a way to get forth answers in a direct manner. Our messages is also to help spread light to help with Earth's Global Ascension and the connection of Earth with the higher realms. This is also to help each of you to feel as though you are not separated. In all truth and reality each of you out there are not separated from the higher dimensions. You are no more separate from us as we are from you. Right now on physical Earth it just appears that way, and that is the false reality that we are trying to break all of you from. Our messages are to assist in open-hearted honesty and unconditional love.

Second message
Isir (eye-seer) gfol member
Via Orion council

So often has higher dimensional beings, gods and goddesses, angelic figures, or whatever the term been depicted as separate or somehow better because they have more awareness and a higher understanding. Many of your religious sectors on earth have depicted these ascended beings in a confusing light. This has created the false understanding that these ascended beings can not communicate in a direct way, do not communicate in a direct way, or merely do not want to be bothered with connecting directly. It is true that we do not want to spell out everything for you, but we want to assist all of you in Awakening these knowledge's that are within you. It is like connecting with your Spirit guides, connection with your Spirit guides is good. But your Spirit guides have a job which is to lead each of you in the right direction, they are not to force you in that direction. Why is this? It is because the answers are within and they want you to understand this for yourself. Because if you have to be told, chances are you will not believe. Belief comes from within. We want all of you to know that this is a part of the global Ascension. It is true that the birth of a soul can be done in a lower realm or a  higher realm. The ones that are brought forth through a higher Realms are generally, in the past, seen as gods and goddesses or Angelic figures. Know that many of your gods and goddesses as you know them go much deeper in there identity than your histories are saying. This is also because of human misunderstandings of such higher realities. Know that we have been with you since ancient times of earth, we of the Galactic Federation of Light and all of the different sectors and councils therein, have been with you since ancient times and thus we have been seen as gods and goddesses on Earth too. In recent times this has been become aware on Earth as the understanding of Ancient Aliens. This does not mean that we are any less than what people saw us in ancient times. This does not mean that we do not assist you. Understand that we are closer to you than you think. There are some Souls from the higher Realms which have incarnated on Earth in physical human form to assist in the global Awakening and the missions that have been set forth for Earth. We have mentioned this before but these Souls would be seen as incarnated ascended beings, starseeds, lightworkers, whatever the terminology. But does that make those any higher than Souls created in other realms? No. On a higher perspective, all are created equal and no one is any better than another. That is a very common misunderstanding on Earth particularly in religious sectors. They see the gods and goddesses, the angels, etc. as bigger or better. But I tell you that all are created equal and all have the same potential under Source energy.

We also want to touch base on the topic of extraterrestrial life-forms that are in physical incarnations but are not of Earth. This means that they were born on another planet in a physical body. There are life-forms out there that are similar to Earthlings in a sense that they are still in learning faces. There are life-forms out there that have already ascended and are in the process of sending. Those that have already ascended are in connection, direct connection, with the higher realms. What does this mean? This means that they can see us and hear higher dimensional beings. In Ascension the ideas of death become not as blurry and become highlighted in full reality. It is not fearful as it is for many of you now. Yes there are alien, as you would call them, life forms that are walking among you. These would be physical beings that were born on another planet. They are among you, and some are shapeshifters. This means that they can take on the appearance of human. Some of them in fact could pass as human and thus to pass as human. There are also ascended entities around you both of human origin and Beyond. This is the understanding that we want to help all humans realized. Earth is not disconnected, it merely appears that way because of the false perception that has been placed upon you. Awaken!!

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