Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 17, 2016

Channeled By: Pleadia

Greetings to all, we are here with a message pertaining to the area of cosmic awareness. This is awareness but at a larger scale than merely Global awareness. It is steady and it is progressing towards the global Ascension, which is global awareness, awareness for all. Cosmic awareness is Humanity Awakening to the realities that is beyond your solar system. We ask all of you to consider meditating on the topics of cosmic awareness within your mind. You can do this through actual meditation processes. You will want to open your awareness to beyond your solar system. Imagine what it might look like. Be sure you don't have any preconceived notions of what you might see. Open up your awareness to the realities that your soul brings through within that meditation. You can also do this through thought. If you do not want to go into a full meditation you do not have to. Simply become aware of the ideas of what it might look like. Have those thoughts in your mind and try to see it like you were seeing a memory. This will help open up your mind to Cosmic realities and Cosmic awareness. This will also help in individual Ascension processes, which in turn will assist in the global Awakening. What we need right now is to have people less focused upon negative things. Many people are going throughout their lives focusing upon worries and stress. Life is more than just monetary payments and Gain. Life is more than your job and it is more than what many of you are seeing as. Those of you who are still in the old paradigm, and the old conditioning processes will begin to feel less comfortable with the ways you've always felt used to. Some may want to push these away and block them out. We urge you to embrace and not push away. The more you begin to open yourself up to Cosmic realities and to things that are beyond, the more you will begin to realize that there is so much good. There are a lot of beings, not just on Earth, who believe as though there is no good left on Earth. But that is not reality. There was a lot of good remaining on Earth and there is a lot of potential. We want to help you all in gaining that potential and bringing it out. We want all of you to shine brightly. The higher realms are with you all every moment of your existence. As many of you begin to awaken to awareness you begin to notice that belief systems change. Many of you will want to fight that, depending upon what religious beliefs you grew up with. There are many religious sectors of on Earth that are stifling true spirituality. This is not a message to bash, it is a message to bring open awareness. Open your awareness to the things that you thought you may have never embraced before. Begin to see things in a new light.

August 25 portal opening in M34 a.k.a. Messier 34 in the constellation Perseus. Another portal opening on August 29 in M43 or Messier 43 in the Orion constellation. The portal on the 25th will be closing around September 1st and the portal on the 29th will be closing around September 4th. These portals will be bring rejuvenating energies through to help bring balance back to the universe from the different energies that came from the lion's gate portal. Expect to fell some drowsiness from these rejuvenating energies between August 25th and September 4th. Near earth asteroids will be  bringing cosmic energy through codes implanted within the asteroid. Look to those days of August 25th and 29th for increased DNA activation and cosmic awareness. The ionosphere is still increasing, look towards awareness and meditation during the hours in your days of 12-4am. Healing energy will be entering into your earth's atmosphere beginning on the next full moon. Be aware on this night, August 18, the full red moon or sturgeon moon. It will reside in the Atmosphere for the next three days afterwards. That will bring through good energy for the dates of August 25 and August 29.

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