Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 24, 2016

Gfol message August 24, 2016
This moment in earth time humans are experience a good cleansing. Some have been feeling tired, others more emotional. It is all good and for the higher purpose. We want of you to know that light rays are ascending from portals that will be opening. We want you all to be aware that we have people on them for stabilisation. Within the next few weeks each of you will experience good energy that is available. Go outside more, sun gaze, star gaze, this will open up your energy centers to receiving the coding.

Realms of light

I speak of love coming from the center core of your realm and extending outwards. This reaches each of you, and I want you all to be aware that pure love is upon you. Love all as you would want to be loved, that will create a beautiful space for existence. We have information about sun flares. They may be increasing, which will produce energetic frequency delays will some, but for other who are aware to receive this will good for the ionosphere. Channeling will be heightened. Between 12am and 4am will be the best connecting times. You each will experience more energy when connecting with open air. By this I mean get outside and enjoy the open space if possible for your living area. If not then meditating around plants is a good place to begin. Be aware that earth's global ascension is coming. Be aware that all will ascend, even those you all see as internet trolls and negativity sharers. All will be in there own timing. Spread love all around you and love is what you'll get back in return.

Connective message:
Your earth space agencies have recently found their station named stereo b. They are limiting their knowledge about this. They know where it went and they know why it went out of sync.

STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) is a solar observation mission.Two nearly identical spacecraft were launched in 2006 into orbits around the Sun that cause them to respectively pull farther ahead of and fall gradually behind the Earth. This enables stereoscopic imaging of The Sun and solar phenomena, such as coronal mass ejections.

They will limit the truth, but the craft never fully went out of sync. It got bombarded with outside energy rays from a Galactic ship that didn't belong to them. But it didn't go completely off radar, and the secret part of your governments are aware of this. It captured depth photographic evidence of life outside of earth. Therefore they blocked it out until now. The reasoning they have let this out as being rediscovered is mainly unknown us. Remember that global awareness of Galactic life existence will be made known. Stay tuned for more.

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 22, 2016

Gfol message August 22, 2016
Eail (e-ay-el)

I come from a place of solitude in an area you know as m72. This is in what area you refer to as the Aquarius constellation. We call my home on m72 Biolume. It is a place of peace and tranquility. Our planet is 30 times the size of earth and has visual similarities. We have lush forests and flowing rivers with waterfalls. We embrace our planet in its pure form and live with our planet. We bring a message of love to humanity. I bring a message for you all to realize what harm you are doing to earth. Be aware that if a planet suffers, so too will the occupants of that planet. Take care of your earth, your planet is your home right now. It is precious. Take your individual steps into making it a better place. We bring knowledge you that many civilizations have ruined their home planet and went out to seek shelter elsewhere. It is a shame that this happens. The planet is used and then discarded to rejuvenate itself. We on Biolume bring planetary love to all, even the plants and rocks. We speak for those which get underappreciated. Many of you feel underappreciated in your lives. You feel as though people use you and do not care. So too does your earth. Take care of your home and your home will take care of you. Humanity is becoming aware of how everything has energy and particles which interact with one another, for good or for bad.

When you whisper loving words to water and freeze it, the crystalline structure responds, so too with negative. This is what you all have discovered. It is not merely water, it is everything. All things respond to its outside energy. So what you put out into things, you get back. If you want high-energy you'll want to be aware of the give and take required and the balance required for those energetically exchanged vibrations. Basically, if you give good things out, to all things not just those which move, you'll get good back. This is an important message for you all because you all need high energy to advance into your Global Ascension. This is an important message for all of you because it will aid you in gaining the energy required for your own personal spiritual ascensions and advancements as well. Meditation in nature is a good way to prove that there is an energetic balance. When someone meditates in nature, they receive good vibrational energy, and they also are giving out those good energy vibrations for the earth and the things around. This is a give-and-take balance that is established during those nature meditations. It is like giving care to a plant that you grew from a seed. You grew it because you put your energy into making it grow. So too can you grow the Earth. Earth's growth is equal to Earth's Global Ascension. This is a peaceful message meant to instill knowledge to you. For I, Eail speak to you all about love for all things, even the elements. Send your love to all, not just things that your eyes see as alive. If you had proof that the earth could feel, wouldn't you take better care of it? Consider that during your daily lives and share positivity whenever possible. We of Biolume treat life simplistically and that doesn't mean that we are not advanced. It merely means that we are aware of the balance it takes to establish a good connection with your home. We want all of you to have this global message. Peace, light, and cosmic love to you all!!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 19, 2016

Gfol message August 19, 2016
Collective Message

Reality and the process of awakening to knowledge that what seems to be true, may not. You all have the ability to awaken your manifestations to attract to you what you desire. Nothing is impossible, a part of the message for humanity is that you each must understand that knowledge is not preconceived. It is free flowing and can go in any direction, just like truth. Know that for many of you the process of awakening can be tough. The road to understanding the higher perceptions is a rough one, but each of you have the power within. Each of you are someone special and possible for achieving greatness. Focus on the daily mundane existence creates a false sense of reality that your daily life is what is real. The pursuit of bigger and better items of a party of this too. The bills, the jobs, the schooling, the work, the food, the newest items, etc. The constant back and forth of the same old thing is what many of you are tired of. This is even in media, politics, and in the things considered fun by some such as bars, clubs, amusement places. Many are becoming bored, and this seems to send you into a depression. It's like a thirst that cannot be quenched with just any drink. Like you are in a ball continuing to roll, but not going anywhere. You long to experience life outside of this ball, but you don't know how. The ball is false reality. This is why messages from our sectors come through speaking of looking within yourselves. You much search within yourself and through spiritual outlets to graduate from false reality into reality. Many of you wonder if this walk is an illusion, to which we reply yes and no. The experience is very real, and in that way it is not illusion. But this is a complex subject. Humanity is just now discovering quantum physics, but it goes so much deeper. We will be releasing more about this, but for now question the daily grind and why does it have to grind? Shouldn't it flow easily like a calm river flowing into a deep ocean? Shouldn't life be felt in full reality? Seen in true vivid colors? This is the meaning of the global ascension. Some seem to feel like these messages have been repeated too much and that they are not necessary, some feel nothing is forth coming. But it is. Know that truth resides just around the bend.

What is the purpose of the messages we send out through channelers?

The purpose of these messages are of Hope, passion, guidance, and Truth to the people of Earth and Beyond. Think about all of the prayers that are being put out to higher beings, and not many answers come forth that are direct. Our messages is a way to get forth answers in a direct manner. Our messages is also to help spread light to help with Earth's Global Ascension and the connection of Earth with the higher realms. This is also to help each of you to feel as though you are not separated. In all truth and reality each of you out there are not separated from the higher dimensions. You are no more separate from us as we are from you. Right now on physical Earth it just appears that way, and that is the false reality that we are trying to break all of you from. Our messages are to assist in open-hearted honesty and unconditional love.

Second message
Isir (eye-seer) gfol member
Via Orion council

So often has higher dimensional beings, gods and goddesses, angelic figures, or whatever the term been depicted as separate or somehow better because they have more awareness and a higher understanding. Many of your religious sectors on earth have depicted these ascended beings in a confusing light. This has created the false understanding that these ascended beings can not communicate in a direct way, do not communicate in a direct way, or merely do not want to be bothered with connecting directly. It is true that we do not want to spell out everything for you, but we want to assist all of you in Awakening these knowledge's that are within you. It is like connecting with your Spirit guides, connection with your Spirit guides is good. But your Spirit guides have a job which is to lead each of you in the right direction, they are not to force you in that direction. Why is this? It is because the answers are within and they want you to understand this for yourself. Because if you have to be told, chances are you will not believe. Belief comes from within. We want all of you to know that this is a part of the global Ascension. It is true that the birth of a soul can be done in a lower realm or a  higher realm. The ones that are brought forth through a higher Realms are generally, in the past, seen as gods and goddesses or Angelic figures. Know that many of your gods and goddesses as you know them go much deeper in there identity than your histories are saying. This is also because of human misunderstandings of such higher realities. Know that we have been with you since ancient times of earth, we of the Galactic Federation of Light and all of the different sectors and councils therein, have been with you since ancient times and thus we have been seen as gods and goddesses on Earth too. In recent times this has been become aware on Earth as the understanding of Ancient Aliens. This does not mean that we are any less than what people saw us in ancient times. This does not mean that we do not assist you. Understand that we are closer to you than you think. There are some Souls from the higher Realms which have incarnated on Earth in physical human form to assist in the global Awakening and the missions that have been set forth for Earth. We have mentioned this before but these Souls would be seen as incarnated ascended beings, starseeds, lightworkers, whatever the terminology. But does that make those any higher than Souls created in other realms? No. On a higher perspective, all are created equal and no one is any better than another. That is a very common misunderstanding on Earth particularly in religious sectors. They see the gods and goddesses, the angels, etc. as bigger or better. But I tell you that all are created equal and all have the same potential under Source energy.

We also want to touch base on the topic of extraterrestrial life-forms that are in physical incarnations but are not of Earth. This means that they were born on another planet in a physical body. There are life-forms out there that are similar to Earthlings in a sense that they are still in learning faces. There are life-forms out there that have already ascended and are in the process of sending. Those that have already ascended are in connection, direct connection, with the higher realms. What does this mean? This means that they can see us and hear higher dimensional beings. In Ascension the ideas of death become not as blurry and become highlighted in full reality. It is not fearful as it is for many of you now. Yes there are alien, as you would call them, life forms that are walking among you. These would be physical beings that were born on another planet. They are among you, and some are shapeshifters. This means that they can take on the appearance of human. Some of them in fact could pass as human and thus to pass as human. There are also ascended entities around you both of human origin and Beyond. This is the understanding that we want to help all humans realized. Earth is not disconnected, it merely appears that way because of the false perception that has been placed upon you. Awaken!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 17, 2016

Channeled By: Pleadia

Greetings to all, we are here with a message pertaining to the area of cosmic awareness. This is awareness but at a larger scale than merely Global awareness. It is steady and it is progressing towards the global Ascension, which is global awareness, awareness for all. Cosmic awareness is Humanity Awakening to the realities that is beyond your solar system. We ask all of you to consider meditating on the topics of cosmic awareness within your mind. You can do this through actual meditation processes. You will want to open your awareness to beyond your solar system. Imagine what it might look like. Be sure you don't have any preconceived notions of what you might see. Open up your awareness to the realities that your soul brings through within that meditation. You can also do this through thought. If you do not want to go into a full meditation you do not have to. Simply become aware of the ideas of what it might look like. Have those thoughts in your mind and try to see it like you were seeing a memory. This will help open up your mind to Cosmic realities and Cosmic awareness. This will also help in individual Ascension processes, which in turn will assist in the global Awakening. What we need right now is to have people less focused upon negative things. Many people are going throughout their lives focusing upon worries and stress. Life is more than just monetary payments and Gain. Life is more than your job and it is more than what many of you are seeing as. Those of you who are still in the old paradigm, and the old conditioning processes will begin to feel less comfortable with the ways you've always felt used to. Some may want to push these away and block them out. We urge you to embrace and not push away. The more you begin to open yourself up to Cosmic realities and to things that are beyond, the more you will begin to realize that there is so much good. There are a lot of beings, not just on Earth, who believe as though there is no good left on Earth. But that is not reality. There was a lot of good remaining on Earth and there is a lot of potential. We want to help you all in gaining that potential and bringing it out. We want all of you to shine brightly. The higher realms are with you all every moment of your existence. As many of you begin to awaken to awareness you begin to notice that belief systems change. Many of you will want to fight that, depending upon what religious beliefs you grew up with. There are many religious sectors of on Earth that are stifling true spirituality. This is not a message to bash, it is a message to bring open awareness. Open your awareness to the things that you thought you may have never embraced before. Begin to see things in a new light.

August 25 portal opening in M34 a.k.a. Messier 34 in the constellation Perseus. Another portal opening on August 29 in M43 or Messier 43 in the Orion constellation. The portal on the 25th will be closing around September 1st and the portal on the 29th will be closing around September 4th. These portals will be bring rejuvenating energies through to help bring balance back to the universe from the different energies that came from the lion's gate portal. Expect to fell some drowsiness from these rejuvenating energies between August 25th and September 4th. Near earth asteroids will be  bringing cosmic energy through codes implanted within the asteroid. Look to those days of August 25th and 29th for increased DNA activation and cosmic awareness. The ionosphere is still increasing, look towards awareness and meditation during the hours in your days of 12-4am. Healing energy will be entering into your earth's atmosphere beginning on the next full moon. Be aware on this night, August 18, the full red moon or sturgeon moon. It will reside in the Atmosphere for the next three days afterwards. That will bring through good energy for the dates of August 25 and August 29.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Weekly Global Message: August 14, 2016

How to successfully astral project?

Astral projection is a task that many of you want to accomplish and too many of you have been bringing these questions forward to us through Universal Energies. Before we can get to the answers that all of you are seeking on how to accomplish astral projection, we need to examine why it is so hard. It is hard to do well in physical form because for all of your existence in your current Incarnation you have gotten used to your body. Your body has gotten used to only disconnecting through dreams , and trying to awaken yourself enough to astral travel can be a very long drawn-out process. It takes a lot of focus and energy. It takes a lot willingness and ability to separate yourself from your physical. That is something that is something that each person needs to realize on their own. The first step is of course getting to a point where your body is in an extremely relaxed State. At that point you will want to vision yourself outside of your body. Do that in whatever way I feel comfortable for you. You can also call upon a spirit guide to help pull you out. While you were in that relaxed State of Mind concentrate on your body and then concentrate on your spirit. Try to differentiate the two. Try to discover similarities and the differences between those two and that will be too successful astral travels.

How to connect with higher dimensions?

This answer will depend upon in which ways you want to connect with higher Dimensions. If it is on it and energetic frequency level, this answer will depend upon in which ways you want to connect with higher Dimensions. If it is on it and energetic frequency level, the best way to connect would be to raise your own energetic frequencies and vibrations. If you want to connect with the higher dimensions on a more physical level, then this would require a need to focus more on the things around you. On Earth nowadays many people are On Earth nowadays many people are in something similar to a tunnel vision. They have their minds facing forward their eyes facing forward so often. By this I mean focusing on very mundane issues. That is not to say that focusing on mundane issues are bad, but it does mean that in order to be aware of the other dimensions and realms that are coexisting with you at this moment, you need to look all around you. This is in focusing on nature and embracing everything that the world has to offer. This is in taking things slower. Focus your hearing on all sounds that are around you, not just the loud ones. Focus your eyes on everything that is visually able to be seen, not just the things that are right in front of your face. Do this with all of your senses and you will begin to experience more awareness of the higher dimensions.

Why is meditation important during the global ascension?

Meditation during the global Ascension is extremely important because it gives your mind a chance to relax. Meditation should not always revolved around achieving Visions. Achieving Visions is very good thing, what medication should be also about relaxation of your mind. Sleep is the only time when a human mind gets a chance to relax, it's a meditation is like a nap for the mind. Meditation on a regular basis during the processes of spiritual Ascension an Awakening will help things to move faster. Meditation is like the oil in an engine. Meditation is the oil and your body is the engine. The engine cannot run without the oil or else it'll overheat. The oil cools down the engine and helps things to flow easier. Meditation is the same thing for your body as oil is for an engine.

Lira, Lyran Council Of High Light
During the time of this high-energy period people are beginning to focus on what they want to accomplish. Many people are finding it hard to have motivation to accomplish those tasks. No that Renewed Energy is coming. As the Lions Gate portal close as many of you will begin to feel a renewed sense of peace, and there will be ascensions for many of you that will help you in connecting with the motivation required for accomplishment of your goals. Know that this time is for focusing on what you do want to accomplish. It is about finding that energy deep within yourself and bringing it forward. Many of you seem to be having a hard time bringing that energy forward. For some of you it is the fluctuations in weather, for others it is changes and work our daily lives. We see a lot of distractions and a lot of you are feeling this too. We want you to know that you need to keep pushing forward. All of you are on your own divine paths and as long as you have a forward Focus all will be well. Meditation is extremely beneficial to all of you during this time. Look within and the answers will be provided. We have the Galactic Federation of Light when all of you to know that we hear your calls and we understand what it is the Earth is going through. We want all of you to focus on the positive and that you will bring more positive to you. This is a basic message and this is a message of Hope and peace. It is a message that maybe shorter, but it has a lot more power. We are sending many light rays to you that will help all of you with your DNA activations. For those of you who were on a path of spiritual awareness but then back to way, a time for I love you too refocus on your spiritual path it's coming. For those of you who have not begin your spiritual path yet, the time is approaching and the doors of awareness are opening. For all of you who are steadily progressing along your spiritual path, to you we say congratulations in further advancements that are to come. There's a lot to look forward to. We send you many blessings and until next time Cosmic love to all.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 12, 2016

Question One: There is a lot of buzz on the web about our galactic family being around the earth to help us free ourselves from the cabals global control at this time. Can you ask the pleiadians  or arcturians  group to give an update on that.

Yes it is being addressed and each person's process will be different. Many beings are out there among you, and they are assisting. But it is up to humanity to release themselves too. This is through meditation, releasing negativity, awakening, and sharing love. The global control and conditioning process will be released in time, some faster than others.

Message: Urion

Progression into the light realms is a must in order for Humanity to feel any sort of improvements on the global Awakening process. Many people wonder if we tie into your Earth religions, that is both a yes and a no. It is a no because many of your Earth religions are humanized to a point that is unrecognizable to others. It is a yes because even though it is humanized, it is built among the truth. It's just that not all of it is truth. That is a part of your Global Ascension. It is Awakening to the knowledge that religion does not equal spirituality. Many people wonder when we are going to come forth and show Humanity that we exist. When will the time come for Global realization of alien life forms? When will your media centers begin to announce the truth. Your governments are holding back the knowledge because they feel as though humanity is not ready for such knowledge. However we feel as though humanity is ready. We as a group of the entire Galactic Federation of Light feel that humanity is indeed ready for this knowledge. We feel it within the depths of all of your souls. Most of you are maturing to the point where you can at least accept the fact that humans are not alone. Will there still be some that tries to manipulate that in some way? Yes. But when will your government's release that information, it is up to them and their free will. It seems as though they do not have any intentions of doing so. In which case we will eventually step in and make it known by ourselves. Many of you have noticed more sightings in the sky there has been many people beginning to hear our messages through Transmissions of thought. We are out there and we are letting you know. Even your scientists are beginning to see that life indeed does exist outside of Earth. They are just not aware at how close we are.

A time will come and it will be sooner than many of you imagine. Some beings outside of yours believe that humans are not ready, but the majority of the Galactic Federation of Light members do believe that you all are indeed ready. I tell you this as we speak some of you are walking amongst those who portrayed to be humans but are not really humans. Some of you are welcome daily amongst people taking on the Persona of a human. That doesn't mean that it has to be a bad thing. And also doesn't mean that it's automatically going to be a good thing for all people. Of course just like you we have free will and some choose to do lower vibrational things with that free will. But we want you to no that balance will come and knowledge will be seen globally. We feel it will be at least within the next ten years at the maximum. But again take into account free will, however we know that Humanity, at least the majority of you, can't be trusted with this knowledge. The public deserves to know. We send you many blessings have a beautiful day

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 10, 2016

Channeled By: XalXal'lia

Portal opening on August 14th in Messier 104. This portal will be closing on August 19th. Another portal will be opening on August 26th in Messier 109 and will be closing on September 2nd.

Messier 109 is a barred spiral galaxy exhibiting a weak inner ring structure around the central bar approximately 83.5 ± 24 million light-years away in the constellation Ursa Major. Many races both advanced and similar to your own are within this area. The advanced ones will be traveling to your solar system. The same goes with m104

The Sombrero Galaxy, m104, is an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo located 28 million light-years from Earth. The galaxy has a diameter of approximately 50,000 light-years, 30% the size of the Milky Way.

These two galactic places are far away from your home called earth. It is far from what you know, yet similar still. These portals upcoming will connect these places with your milky way galaxy. It is a naturally occurring event due to the stratosphere energies in both your milky way, and these two places. The first one to connect will be m109, and the second will be m104. This will merely bring connective energies forward for those wanting to communicate with beings from this area. This will also bring ionosphere orbs through which will layer around your solar system. This will be good for your own ionosphere. Basically stabilization will result. Remember what this layer does. This layer of the earth's atmosphere that contains the high concentration of ions and free electrons and is able to reflect radio waves. It lies above the mesosphere and extends from about 50 to 600 miles (80 to 1,000 km) above the earth's surface. The ionosphere basically is part of the energy which channelers tap into. These ionosphere orbs will be connecting with the planets in your solar system and increasing that layers radio waves, this increasing stable connections via telepathic connection. More about this will be coming soon so stay aware.

Channeled By: Miry

What kind of language do they speak?

We speak many different languages. We can speak Earth languages , it is a matter of adjusting are energetic frequency used to tune into the mental vibrations of Any Given human. As for outside languages, it depends upon the race of being that you are speaking with. With many ascended races, there are no language barriers.

How can one seek happiness in a world full of hate or at least a negative environment?

It is a matter of looking at the higher perspective. There is a higher perspective and everything that happens. Earth is known as a place of learning for many Souls. That is why it is in the turmoil state that it is right now. Seeking happiness can be done. It is in seeking happiness in the small things in life. It is better for some if they go day-by-day and find happiness in each given moment. Some book towards the bigger perspective and find happiness in achievement of future goals, with a physical or spiritual. We look to Earth and see all of the hatred going on. Sometimes it is hard to understand. But we can understand and maintain a higher energy vibrations, happiness, love, and in her life because we have an understanding that all is going according to a divinely guided plan. This Global Ascension will lead many people to the areas which they want to be, the areas which they should be, and this is true peace. It is about trying to focus on the good on Earth. We know that the bed needs to be acknowledged in order for it to heal, but the bad should not be obsessed about. Your media has a way of bringing forward only the bad things, and that creates and spreads much negative energy. That is negative energy that Humanity on Earth does not need right now. That is why many of our messages speak towards straying away from media centers. Finding happiness is about seeking happiness in light. Start Where You Are.

Could they explain the process of ascension?

The process of Ascension will be different for each person. We say that it will be different for each person because each person adjusts to the energies in their own way. The process of the global Ascension is something that has to get bad before they get good. It's like looking at a wound on your arm. You cannot ignore the wheeling and expect for it to heal, you have to acknowledge it and feel the pain. You have to feel that pain in order to realize that you need to take action. The global Ascension is like feeling the pain and humanity is in a ton of pain. So that let you know that healing is going to be soon on its way. It will be subtle at first, but balance will be established. So if any of you are looking at tips on your own Ascension processes, realize that it is in acknowledging whatever needs to be changed. Generally speaking what needs to be changed in any given person is a negative mindset that needs to be refocused towards positive. It is in loving your neighbor and treating other people as you would want to be treated. It is in spending your belief systems and not labeling yourself as much. It is in becoming and remaining aware of knowledge. This knowledge can be on the physical plane, the spiritual planes, or the emotional planes of existence. It is also in acknowledging that there are life-forms out there besides those on Earth. It is in realizing that earthlings are not separated from the universal energies. It is also in realizing that everything does not revolve around earth. Basically the Ascension process is an Awakening to the knowledge that all are connected and all are equal. No one entity is any better than the other. That is how peace is maintained in the higher realms. That is also what defines someone who is for peace and someone who is against peace. If they feel as though they are better than another, they are against peace. So consider these things and your daily life. I assure you and we always show you of the Galactic Federation of Light that everything will go according to plan. Light and love will win.

Will we eventually be able to see or have contact with loved ones who have passed?

There will come a time when all will be reconnected. We of the Galactic Federation of Light and the higher realms want to assure all of you that Earth's understanding of death is all wrong. Many people believe that when someone dies they simply vanished into nothingness. Many people believe that when someone dies they had to go to a place of Eternal happiness or a place of Eternal suffering. Many people believe that when someone dies they continuously become reborn over and over again. I assure you that all of these understandings of death are incorrect in their own ways. Yes there is a place of happiness, yes there is a place of negativity. Yes some are reborn, and then no cases do people vanish into nothingness. Intervention death will be understood as transformations. Look at how a butterfly is born. It begins as a caterpillar. That caterpillar goes into a transformational phase where it isThen made into a butterfly. So too is a human eyes the version of this transformation of the death in the higher realms. Many people see death as an ending when it is under no circumstances an ending. So yes there will come a time when people will be reunited with their loved ones who have passed on. On Earth out of all the phrases to explain death, we use the term pass on. Because a soul passes on into the next step of their soul Evolution within death. It is essential to Ascension. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Lions Gate Portal: Information Update

Channeled By: XalXal'lia

Uploads or Transmissions will be received on August 8th-16th. These uploads will be beneficial to all of humanity on a global scale to help with any questions, situations, and manifestations you may have during the portal opening. These uploads are also a cleansing and balancing to your bodies to keep them stable during the 8 days the portal is open. These uploads will also help aid in keeping your vibrations and energy level high and positive during this time of global cleansing. Remember that this time is all about cleansing and balancing the universe as much as it about keeping humanity cleansed and balanced. We send this message with love, peace, and light to all. Please embrace and enjoy the positive energies of the Lions Gate Portal. You all deserve this time of positivity. It is much needed and long overdue. Galactic Love to you all.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Weekly Global Message: August 7, 2016

Channeled By: Yendounye

Greetings to all I am here to share many blessings with the world in this hour.. I am here to answer questions and we have received many that are coming through. The Galactic Federation of Light is listening to Humanities call.

Many people want to know where does Evil come from. Evil comes from the result of Free Will. Free Will is within, because it has to be within. There is a cosmic balance that is in alignment with the universal Energies. Free Will is needed in order for any one person to be a true Soul. It is about individuality. You cannot be an independent individual unless there is Free Will. When Humanity was made, they were made with free will so that they will have that individual light that comes from within. It is where the inner light resides, that is where free will stems from. That is where either evil or good is. If somebody has an inner light, they have Free Will, and thus have the knowledge of Good and Evil. It is within the Inner Light which gives a person an individual soul essence.

Many people want to know is evil the manifestation of ego. Yes ego can lead to evil and negativity. But more importantly ego is about survival. Evil is not the result of ego. The ego can lead to evil, but evil is not the result of ego. Evil stems from negativity that has been said too much. Each Soul has a chance to go towards good or go towards evil. Think about what good is? Good is all beneficial and it is about free love. What is evil, evil is the opposite of good. Ego should not be blamed for somebody who is evil or for evil thoughts. It is in each person's choices and to what they feed into. Each person on Earth, even the good, have a tendency to think with their ego. It is a natural part of being on a Physical Realm in a third dimension. Evil and negativity is the other side too good in light. Humanity has a tendency to blame outside sources on their negative thoughts. There's no matter what these are called, thinking with ego, sin, exedra. It is in that person's choice is to go towards whatever path they choose. It is all a result from the gift of free will.

Many people also want to know what's going to come after the next few months? And what will people experience? The Earth has many fluctuations in energetic levels that have been going on. This is what we call metotonic energies or the boundary layers around the earth that cannot be seen by all of you. Those layers are being removed, slowly but surely, and when those extra layers around the Earth are removed. This will lead to more Ascension processes. This will lead to more advancements in each person's spiritual understanding. Over the next few months but people will experience different things. It depends upon where they are in their lives and how they have lived their lives. If someone has read too much into their negative side, it will be hard. They will be coming to a time where they will have to face what they have let into their life. They will have to face breaking through those blockages, and before changing the way they deal with situations. For example if somebody has a tendency to act in Anger a lot. That person will be facing energies that will help balance them in the anger areas within the mind. This time will help them to be able to face whatever is not beneficial, and You released. Sometimes this can be hard, but just because it is hard does not mean that it is not beneficial. Everything that will go on in the next few months in a spiritual and emotional focus will be beneficial. Those who have been feeding more into their positive aspects and their higher selves. Those who have been asking for ascensions and advanced connections will be experiencing a many good high energies. They will be facing ways to empower themselves and to grow. This will be like unlocking things within the mind. This is not to explain physical matters. Keep in mind that whatever you have worked towards in the past will still come into fruition. So if you have not been working toward your goals, the next few months will not automatically be a miracle and all of your dreams will come true. It only means that the next few months will have a lot of good manifestation Energies. It is up to that individual person to tap into those good energies and to use them accordingly. That will be the determining Factor on whether or not these next few months and the ending of your 2016 year will be good or not. But the energies that are available to be tapped into are all very good. We have the Galactic Federation of Light and the higher realms of light will be directly involved in all of your energetic levels that will be coming through. There will be many portals that will be opening and this will all get through many good intentions and light codes for DNA advancement.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light when all of you to understand that there are cosmic alignment that are coming into balance. These cosmic alignment have been out of line for a longWhile due to certain Galactic Energies. There has been disputes among certain ascended groups. These disputes have been whether or not to help lead Humanity, and part of that is how do we lead Humanity. This has been going on for a long while and this has been a topic of concern for ascended entities for a long time. We of the Galactic Federation of Light feel as though spiritual advancement and light codes and light waves are the way to go. We feel as though Humanity needs to become aware of their Galactic Brothers and sisters instead of being disconnected from them. This is why many of your governments are holding back the necessary knowledge to confirm what many of you already know, and that is that there is life out there other than just humanity. We ask all of you to be aware that ascended times are coming. We ask all of you to be aware that there are bigger plans here, and there are light beings amongst you wish are there to assist. We want all of you to understand that there is much at stake here, and it is our mission to make sure that Humanity ascends in the right direction. For now we will leave this message as it is, we are aware of all of your questions. We will be bringing them forward as the energies permit. We send all of you good night and good luck in this time of great energy. Enjoy the Lions Gate portal that is beginning to open on August 8th. Know that the remaining energies will be carrying over until the 16th. The month of August holds a lot of Good Vibrations. The month of August and September holds a lot of good key moments for many of you who have been asking for advancement in spiritual and emotional battles. Know that balance is coming.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 5, 2016

Lyran Council Of High Light


Lyran prophetess obtaining connection. 

I come from Lyra, which you refer to it as in English of your earthly language. My people come from a cluster of stars within the constellation. It is about 33,000 light years away from earth. Our home area is referred to as Intarlen, that is the closest in English we can place it. Intarlen is within the cluster of stars known on earth as Messier 56. The entire area we call Sem, which means together or close by. This area for your earth looks like one big cluster, but it is not once you’re there. If you were to come you would see large stars blazing all around you. Planets circling their home star, and there are many wormholes, portals, and black hole areas around this space as well. This area we call Sem, and which you call M56 is our home sector. It is one that humanity would enjoy. Some consider it a Galactic Empire or City. There are many areas to visit, and many places to gather supplies or to explore. Humanity would enjoy Sem. My home within Sem is Intarlen, and it is like your sun, but a 1,000 times larger. The habitable zone, which you refer to as goldilocks stretches wide, and our other planets have sustained life as well. We are much more advanced then earth, but we were once where you are now. If you look at a photo with your telescopes of Messier 56, which we call Sem, you will see many stars. Ours is near the middle among many others, and it is facing the back side which is covered by many other stars from earth’s perspective. Humanity would call us Lyrans, but Lyrans is a very large term for a numerous amount of races. There are the one’s which humanity calls the feline race, but there are also races which look very similar to your own. We actually have a similar DNA coding as yours, but a lot of what human scientists call junk DNA, is not junk. If yours were activated, you all would be very similar to us as we are now. Know that the junk DNA, is useful in the global ascension. Many of you are in the process of having your DNA coding activated. Some of your government sectors are trying to read DNA coding to see who is advancing and who is not. Be aware of this, and do not let them unless you’re consenting. Humanity has a way of using things to their selfish advantage. That age of hatred and selfishness is coming to a close, surely but certainly. I am of the human appearance, and so are my people. Yet we have differing traits. Our cheek bones are higher and more pronounced. Our eyes are larger and what you would call, cat like and slanted. We are taller than you, but not by much. We are slenderer, and our skin ranges in different tones, but in lighter shades that are luminescent. We generally have smaller noses and mouths, but all else is very similar.

Some are of the physical state as you are now, but we have reached a point of ascension. Within further advancements of ascension on a larger scale, there is a phase which results in transitioning death. We know death differently than you all. We can go within and out of physical form in ascension. It is about using that “junk DNA” to do this, and it is also in energetic vibrations. Those in physical form, have not ascended, and are what you could call mortal. Those who have ascended, you would call immortal. We are close to the Pleiadians, and we are very in tune with them and their ways. Some of our portals interlock the Lyran areas to the Pleiadian areas. We have been in tune with earth for a very long time, and we have partnered with the Pleiadians, along with other galactic groups. Some of you call this the Galactic Federation Of Light. Whatever you call it, we are a part of a group who has advancement in ways of love, hope, and divine light in mind. This is why we are beginning to reach out more on earth. Humanity is reaching a time of awakening on a global scale. So many are trying to hold on to the ways of old and times which are past due. This is why it seems there has been more fights, hatred, and negativity in your world. Some are grasping on to the ways which you have grown accustom to, and are not willing to branch out into the unknown. But many are also beginning to awaken to reality, and being more accepting of the new ways, the true ways. For so long earth has been under manipulation, but it is time for the true awakening to come. This will be all in pure peace and love. Many of you who have been incarnated into the earthly planes have an agenda, a mission, to accomplish. Many of you know that there is a mission, but are confused on what this mission actually is. It is to assist humanity in their growth. It is to assist earth into rising into the higher dimensional frequencies. It that way, earth will be made new. As in some of your biblical text, earth will be made new because of the global ascension. Much information has still not been released, and it will come in due timing. For now, continue to help you neighbors and assist in loving one another freely and openly. Do not hesitate to reach your hand out to someone in need, these ways are good in helping the ascension process. Small ways are beneficial too, and lead to larger scales. Our transmission is ending for now. We will be back to assist you on a later time. Many blessings to all. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 3, 2016

Channeled By: Vextor

August 3rd, 7th, and the 12ththere will be three separate asteroids on each of those days. The one on August 3 will be within 5.8 Lunar Distance from the earth. The one on August 7 will be 9 Lunar Distance from the earth. Finally, the one on August 12 will be 66.5 Lunar Distance from the earth. These asteroids will be passing by close to earth, but do not worry about a collision, and this is something that we take advantage of. Each of these are aimed at balancing the energies for earthlings during the month of August. There will be more in September. But for now, these are the ones we are urged to notify you of. The strength of each of these were determined by the closeness to earth. The ones closer to earth we made a bit weaker, and the one farther away we strengthened. This is so each of them will have similar effects. Look to increased balance on these days, and expect your auric fields and energy centers to be stronger as a result. Right now there are many people on earth asking many different things. We hear your calls and want to assure you that answers are coming. Many of you inquire about when we will reveal ourselves, and we want all to know that it will happen in due time. The time is approaching for balance in knowledge and the hidden agendas of your governments will not be able to keep some of you blind for much longer. Balance is coming, and this is in all ways. For the global and personal ascensions to work, blocks must be broken. These blocks are media lies, manipulations through various outlets, government conspiracies, and more which we will not go into right now. Many of you are also asking about the reptilians and the shape shifters who on masquerading on earth right now. We want you to know that not all are against you, but we also want you to know that not all are with you. Some are in between and are here to help in their own agendas. But there are undercover light beings among you, who are acting as rebellions against the manipulators within your world. We use the phrase manipulators, but some of you use the term dark ones, demons, evil beings, negative aliens. The term of phrase is not what is important. The meaning behind these messages are what is important. Balance will be coming in these areas, and for just as many manipulators, there are that many light beings for good and love among you. We do not want to instill fear in you. The objective is ascension and ascension must be obtained through love, and not fear. We are working towards breaking through your fear driven religions, practices, and whatever else is holding you all back from obtaining this collective energy. We inquire with you all, you have questions, and we seek to answer. Bring them to the forefront of your minds, and express.


Channeled by: Lira (Leer-a)

Lyran prophetess obtaining connection. Lira is her name which you may refer to her as. We bring her through. I am here to share a collective message to the beings on earth. Earth is a precious vessel, and many are not taking care of the place they call home. During your ascension you must be prompted to take care of one another and live in harmony. This is something a race like yours cannot fully understand yet. Many has been where you are, and their ascensions have gone through perfectly fine. Harmony among all must be obtained. From the rocks, water and trees to the bugs, humans, and marine life. Earth is a place of variety, and it is a place of learning. It is meant to be a precious place where beings can go to test their skills, to learn and gain knowledge. Humanity looks to the stars for confirmation that they are important. That is good for clarity, but not needed for confirmation that you are important. You are a part of the all, and by all I mean everything in existence in your realms and beyond. We call all of you to realize the importance of earth. Take care of the home which you call Gaia. Take care, for she can take care of you if you live in harmony with her. This is a lesson the Galactic Federation Of Light is trying to spread unto your world. This is one that is needed for clarity in your connections to the higher dimensions. The beings of Lyra and the Lyric Council Of High Light assure all of you that you will make it through. Graduation for your planet is unavoidable. Many of your religions teach of each disasters, and we will touch base on that soon. But for now it is important to focus on peace. See the love in others, and share the love within your hearts. All of you have love to share, and all of you are worthy of ascension. This transmission is ending in a blast of collective love. Reach your hands up and out in front of you in this moment as I count down, 3, 2, 1. Love is upon you. Close your eyes and soak it in. Breath in deep and feel the ascension of love. Until next time we close, peace unto all.


Message from: Yendounye (Yen-Dough-Nye)

This is a message for all. For many years many of you have been led astray by false truth. For many of years many of you as well have been led by true truth. I bring this message forward because now that false truth is starting to come back into light. Most of this false truth is being taught in your churches, in your media, and your books. Many of you now, are starting to see that false truth and are confused about some things that you were taught as a child and as you grew older. If you find it in your hearts to open up about these things, then you will see how you were led astray and why most of it was done though the churches. Follow your heart, ask questions, and do your research. By doing these things you will then begin to see the true truth. Please be aware of the false truth because it is meant to brain wash you all and keep you from knowing the truth. The truth is what you all need to see right now. Look deep within yourself and search for the true truth. I send this message with love to you all. Open your eyes, your minds, and your hearts. Find the true truth.