Sunday, July 31, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light - Weekly Global Message: July 31, 2016

Greetings to all. This is Urion we bring Humanity a message of Hope in this time of clearance. We bring humanity and message of faith in this time of clearance. We bring Humanity a message of Love in This time of clearance. Many of you have limited thoughts within your mind and too much of this has to do with your mind not having a chance to roam freely. Give yourself a time each day 2 let your spirit fly free and to let your mind wander across the expanse I thought waves. Many of you ask why am I here? You are here to experience life in its fullest. You are on Earth 2 broaden your path. Some of you are here to assist Humanity. Whatever your personal Soul mission, know that you are on Earth for a reason. Many of you all day today blind to the spiritual energies that are around you. Many of you find it hard to connect with the energies. And sadly many of you push away the spiritual energies to stay in the rooms which you have become accustomed to. But there are also many of you who are awakened and who are embracing it.

To all of you we call you awaken. Awaken to your soul self into the knowledge that you are a child of the Stars. You are no different from any other. We of the Galactic Federation of Light call all Humanity to arrive to the knowledge that this Global Ascension is the best thing to connect humans to the higher rounds. As all of you reach the time of the Lions Gate portal that is up coming you will realize things that you previously did not understand. Many of you have questions pertaining to many different subjects and you want answers now. Sitting with that uncertainty is something that can grow your spirit. We of the Galactic Federation of Light do not want to be your Encyclopedia of knowledge. We want to be that energy and that motivation 2 search for your own answers. We want to call Humanity to find these knowledge out for themselves. But we are also here to answer questions. The biggest question on Earth right now is why am I here. That is one that comes up over and over and over again. You are here because you deserve to be here. You are here to Share the Light Within you because everyone has an inner light. You are here to help awake and your self to the knowledge of your previous existences and I have your soul self. You are here to help others in your life awaken themselves as well. This is a transmission message of Hope.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: July 29, 2016

Light codes are being sent from the central energies of the universe. There is a lot of information to give as humanity is in  period of fluctuation. Many people call out for help. We assure you that help is on its way. We want you to know that all you need to do is reach within yourself, because that is where strength resides. All of you are made of Stardust and Galactic energy. Each of you is someone special. In the massive Global Awakening the process is becoming more sustained. Energies around the world are beginning to grow. Even though all of that is going through, there is still a lot that needs to be done. There is still a lot that needs to be accomplished. We have a lot of messages which we will be releasing over the next few earth weeks. There are many light codes that are being released, and all of you can use that energy for sustaining good personal energy vibrations. Heightening your energy vibrations through meditation will be something that if you dedicate yourself to during this time. You can accomplish much. We want you to know that we are here and we are going unseen which is what we want to do right now. Sooner of you can see, and it is a matter raising the conscious energies and that also what these current light codes are about. We choose to not be obvious, because if we were obvious there would not be a reaching inner strength from humanity. Many of you ask, why can you not come to us and show yourself physically to prove to us that you exist. I tell you this, if we did that there would be many consequences. Thee global Awakening must happen because Humanity makes it happen and that is why we sent many starseeds and lightworkers and those ascended Souls incarnated as human bodies. This aids in the connections with the higher realms and dimensions just due to those ascended Souls. We also have information about the area which you call Regulus. Energies are being sustained there in a Vortex of energy. It will be coming through and this will be over the course of the next few earth weeks. The Regulus council reaches out to many during this time. But only those that can hear their call. They are a part of the Federation they light and are a part of the group of light and can be trusted their messages are normally pertaining to ascending Humanity so that they may know true truths from false truth. False truth is negative but can show itself as positive to those of lower vibrations and consciousness. This is why out is very crucial to awaken and to grow your inner light and heighten your energy vibrations. Humanity will find the balance it needs, and we will always be here to help. Trust in that fact and look within. Reflect.

Many blessings,
Mira and Pleadia

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Weekly Global Message: July 17, 2016

Global Message: July 17, 2016
On July 25th there will be another ascension for all. The energy to sustain energetic uploads will be there. There will be a portal opening within or near the constellation of Andromeda, M31, Messier 31, or NGC 224 on July 25th. Also on July 28th This one will be closing on July 28th, but another will be opening right after on the 28th in the constellation of Perseus.

The Portal on July 25th: Will bring through energy rays aimed towards assisting both individuals and the earth with the ascension process.

The Portal on July 28th: Will help bring back energy after the ascension rays come through.

Starting from July 18th through the 25th this will be a very high energy time due to preparation for the portal rays coming through. You can experience a lot of energy shifts and emotional shifts of energy. Psychic and Intuitive awareness will be heightening and being sustained until August. There will be fluctuations in the weather of earth too. Many of you who look to the news and weather forecasters to plan your days may want to have a backup plan between the 18th through to the 25th. 

What can we expect on the 25th and 28th?
From the 25th through the 28th some with the higher energies may feel a bit low on physical energy, but not by much. The higher energies will also have a heightened sense of spiritual awareness. So this will be a good time to connect with any beings, deities, etc. This will be due to the physical bodies being in a more relaxed state, and thus the veil of consciousness will be more available. For those with lower energies may feel very drained, and also have some side effects of feeling ill, foggy minded, and it may be hard to stay focused. Although whether you have higher or lower energies, not all may have these symptoms. Normally those of the lower vibrations will not even be aware of these shifts. So if you find yourself being aware of this on the 25th and after, know that your energy vibrations are at least moderate. The portal on the 28th is basically like a recovery energy coming through. It will help sustain balance within the body. The portal will be opening on the 28th and be closing by the 1st of August. During this time effects of the 25th portal may still be felt. This is all beneficial energy. Those of an extremely high vibration really high physical energy. This will be due to you feeding off of that energy rays coming through the portal. Those who are spiritual awakened may see glimpses of entities passing through. Do not be alarmed if this is something you are not used to seeing, they may show as shadows, lights or movement out the corner of your eyes. There may also be more activity in the skies due to them monitoring the portals. The 28th portal will be a very high energy portal. This can also be seen as a global cleansing. We love you all and as always we send you Cosmic Blessing and Love. 

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update Message: July 16, 2016

Galactic Update Message: July 16, 2016

Earth is in a time of change, and this is appearing as a stop in forward movement for many. Some experience time as moving faster and others report that it seems to be moving slower. This changing pace is due to the galactic alignment. The galactic alignment is basically planetary systems and galaxies being more in tune and connected through movement through space. This is literally an alignment. We look to earth during these times as a way to connect and to teach all to reach within. So many look outward because they feel like they’re missing something, but that something is deep within and has been locked away so you will feel not whole. Feeling not whole brings through a need to look outside for acceptance and connection. But that connection must be established from within, and this is the messages we are spreading. This is a part of the global ascension. The boundaries around the earth which have blocked humanity out from understanding and enhanced connection with the higher dimensions are becoming thin. We’re continually working towards breaking these. We tell you this, earth will know much change in the future, and this will be all beneficial change. There is no reason to fear, because love and true light will reign. 

“I Break The Barriers Of False Consciousness”
False Consciousness: It is the act of feeling like you’re aware and awake, when in fact you’re asleep to the true realities. 

What Is This Phrase:
This phrase is a simple text which you can recite either in your mind or out loud to break through those false barriers. This will help you in the process of a spiritual awakening and a spiritual ascension. This will connect you to your inner self and will help sustain the subconscious to come forth so that you may be more in communion with the higher dimensions. 

How Will This Benefit Me:
During the times of the global ascension for earth, it is crucial for human beings to begin to awaken to the realization that not all is what it has appeared to be. This will help break through the conditioning process and the false realities that you’ve been taught to believe. This will help awaken your consciousness to the depths of your soul, which will aid you in the following… Sustaining a stronger inner light, having more balanced chakras, having a brighter aura, it will help growth in manifestation abilities, it will also diminish negative vibrations by aiding in the grown of your own energy vibrations. When the spiritual and emotional selves are balanced, so too with the physical. So the global ascension and the personal spiritual ascension processes must begin with the emotional and spiritual selves first, before anything happens in the physical. This phrase will help you in your life journey, but it will also help you share that beneficial energy with the world.

Are there any symptoms after saying this? What can I expect?
Individual results will vary depending upon the strength of the conditioning process, which is the false realities hold. But in general you can expect the following…
Energy growth
Renewed strength
A diminishment of mental ailments such as sadness, anger, etc.
Releasing of negative attachments
Balance in Chakra Centers
Brighter more full auric field
Intuitive Connection Boosts
Psychic Awareness
Some may feel tingling or energy surges through their chakras
Feeling connection with the world around you
Feeling drawn to exploration (mainly spiritual)

How long until anything happens?
Again remember that each person is different because we all have different energy vibrations. It will begin slowly for many, but it could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Recite the phrase multiple times through your day as a positive affirmation. It will help you with renewed strength and inner balance. The first symptom for many will be a feeling of hope coming through. 

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Poplar Thicket Nature Preserve: Long Neck, Delaware July 13, 2016

Poplar Thicket Nature Preserve: Long Neck, Delaware July 13, 2016

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Galactic Federation Of Light Update: July 13, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: July 13, 2016

     The messages that are coming through today have to deal with the impact of the global ascension on the human body. Also we are going to speak about how the global ascension may impact the earth. We have heard the calls for answers on the topic of what it will be like during this process. Well we can share that the impacts will be different for each person in the way they awaken and how they become accustom to change. The ascension has already begun, and souls from the higher realms have been incarnated on this earth for a while now. This is to help raise the energy vibrations around the earth. These are called starseeds and lightworkers. Some of you know what the global ascension is, but some who are newer to this topic, and are just now beginning to awaken, may not be aware yet. The global ascension is the process of earth coming into a deep and intimate connection with the higher dimensions. This is as close as we can get this information to English and for human comprehension. Basically the global ascension is the connection between worlds. This will help bring peace to the earth, and this peace will come. But in the meantime there will be wars raging, and many of these wars will be an inner battle. You may be asking what about these wars, and why will they impact me? You must understand that people becoming more awakened is the result of the global ascension. It is basically like humanity as a whole becoming more connected to outside realities. For so long you all have been in somewhat of a bubble, and this was with a tunnel vision of thought. There are many other branches of thought waves that can be experienced, but humanity is very used to only one way. This process will be an introduction into those new ways. But there are some who wish to see humanity not enlightened. There are some who want to keep humanity in the dark so that they can continue to manipulate and bend humans to their own will. This process must end, and some out there have the messages coming through that this has already ended. If you come across a channeler speaking that the manipulators have already been stopped, do not listen. This is not a message to scare you. This is a message to enlighten you, so that you may be more aware. Forewarned is forearmed. The manipulators will come through and try to attack you in many ways, and this is through manipulation through media centers, drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, etc. Let’s take the media centers for an example. People on earth now days tend to be very focused on media, whether it be the news, television, or social media. This is a way to keep the hypnotic hold on you, and that hypnotic hold is what is keeping people’s energy vibrations low. This does not mean that media itself is bad. It is merely an outlet for the manipulators to make their way into your mind to keep your inner light dull. 

     The same goes with drug and alcohol abuse, they’re addicted and addiction can give someone a one track mind. Having a one track mind too much can lead people down the path of being in a tunnel vision, and not being open to the multiple thought waves that are out there. Remember we spoke of the thought waves being other branches of experience, and humanity has been under the hold of limited thought for a very long time. That is why human comprehension is very limited as opposed to some more ascended beings. This also in no way makes one better than the other, as under the same source energy, all are alike. So all of this leads back into the topic of an inner war. The manipulators take those areas of weakness and use them to keep a hold on the mind. The manipulators are dark forces who do not have earth’s highest good in mind. They’re one’s who want to rule and force their will upon others, and that will stop. But the process needs to begin with humanity realizing this and awakening. So we call all of you to awaken!! Awaken your minds, hearts, and spirits to the awareness that there is much more to existence than a 24-hour day filled with tasks to accomplish. Awaken your spirits to the realization that you are an eternal soul in a physical body. You have a soul plan in your fate, and destiny is calling you now!! Will you answer the call? We hope so, because the global ascension will bring peace onto the earthly planes, and it will bring awakening and understanding of things previously unrealized. We of the Galactic Federation Of Light call all of you to use your free will for good, and that is even in the simplest of ways such as smiling at a stranger or giving to the needy. We of the Galactic Federation Of Light want all of you to know that we are watching and the plan for light will be accomplished. Light will reign, because even in the dark void of space, there lies illumination from other sources of light. Shine your light now, and awaken to the call that your heart is hearing. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Global Message: Channeled July 8, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Global Message

Channeled July 8, 2016

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Channeled Message from Stephen

The world is in a very crucial time and people are Awakening globally but still not enough are aware. We call all of you to wake up. Wake up to the reality that you are not alone. Hear the call that many others are around, both dimensionally and inter-dimensionally. The focus of your lives should be on more than just the things you see in your physical reality. In everything that you do ask yourself this. How is this going to benefit the higher realities? The news is manipulation at its finest. Television, media, and social media is manipulation at its finest as well. It is a way to make you focus on false realities. Awaken yourself to the knowledge that is beyond. There are many out there that manipulate the media centers to make people believe that what they see is all real. There are many in masquerade as humans. Many esoteric believers and many channelers call these reptilians or the Illuminati. It is much deeper than that! It would be convenient if it were merely one group. But Earth is in a crucial time as many want to rule. They give false hope and false gifts. Some who believe they are spiritually awakened have been deceived buy those who called themselves truth. Beware of the ones who said there is no fight to be fought. For that is a way to let your guard down. When you let your guard down manipulation can sneak in. We do not want you to go through your lives with mistrust and your heart. We want you to have faith that the good will win, because in the end it will. When there is free will to choose good or evil one cannot expect all to choose good. It is the way it is with other beings outside of Earth. As all were created with free will. So when you hear messages speaking that there is no War to be fought know that they speak mistruth. There is a battle raging for the soul and this is one that all go through and have to face at sometime.

Quick Update Video

Quick Update Video

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