Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Deer: Animal of The Week


What the Deer represent:
Deer are very mystical creatures. They are very quick and cunning animals. They are highly sensitive and have a strong intuition. Deer are one of the most gentle creatures on earth. Some of the things that Deer represent are promise, peace, creativity, grace, love, beauty, and spirituality. In Celtic animal lore the deer is linked to the arts of poetry and music due to it's graceful nature. The Celts also believed the Deer was associated with the faerie realm. They believed that deer would lead troops of faeries through the forest and protect them from harm. Both the Celts and Native Americans believed the Deer to be beneficial when looking for herbs to use in medicines. In China the deer is a symbol of happiness and good fortune. To me the Deer symbolizes Peace On Earth. Deer are very magical, mysterious, and innocent creatures. I believe any message they have for us is a positive one.

If Deer shows up, it means:
You've been involved in some aggressive, negative circumstances and need to seek out safe, nurturing situations and people. More than ever, you need to trust your gut instinct. You're poised for an enticing adventure, one that will take you down many different paths and lead to many important insights. Be gentle with yourself and others.

If White-Tailed Deer:
You're entering into a time of plenty, but the path to get there has not been without sacrifices.

If Mule Deer:
You're in a phase of your life where you're wandering about without a clear sense of direction, so go ahead and enjoy it.

Call on Deer when:
You need help finding inspiration and resources for any creative projects you're working on. You need help in situations where extra vigilance and sensitivity is called for in order to avoid any harmful consequences. You want to release any resentments, grudges, or judgments about someone. Your're charged with facilitating any woman's ceremonies or rituals, such as honoring any major life passages and transitions. You want to find strength and endurance when you're going through a difficult life passage.

If Deer is your Power Animal:
You maintain a balance of the masculine traits of mastery, authority, and protection with the feminine characteristics of love, nourishment, and surrender, yet relate mostly to those associated with your gender. You're highly sensitive and intuitive and are often aware of the feelings of others before they are. You can move with intention, awareness, and speed, and can change directions quickly while staying completely centered. You're most comfortable outdoors, particularly in the woods or forest, and must frequently spend time there to recharge and regenerate.

Deer: Message of The Week:
     Stand tall and maintain your dignity no matter what, and others will treat you with the respect that you deserve. When you're in a cycle of you life where you have to struggle to avoid feelings of defeat and despair due to the circumstances pressing on you from all sides, you need to literally lift yourself up to your grandest upright posture. Keep your eyes looking straight ahead, breathe deeply and comfortably, pull your shoulders back, but not rigid, and plant your feet squarely on the ground. Not stiff and static  but relaxed and fluid, letting your movements be easy and grateful, even when you're standing still. Try slowing down and moving at 90 percent of your usual speed, keeping your attention in the present moment. Practice this for a few minutes a day and watch what happens!
     You'll make more of an impact on others and your environment when you're in your physical and psychic fullness, and your mood and sensitivities will shift accordingly. Standing tall, relaxed, and fully present, you're much more likely to command respect from others. This will help you profoundly in any situation, but particularly during the times when maintaining your self-respect and dignity are the priorities. This isn't pride, but instead a physical expression of strength and power. Make these simple physical adjustments, and observe how your thinking and your mood changes to become more congruent with your posture and demeanor.