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Earth Magic - Consumables

Earth Magic - Consumables

Hello again everyone. I wrote a article a couple weeks ago about earth magic and how I incorporated teas and paste into healing spells and potions. In that article I mentioned about other recipes that I had and i am here to tell you about those recipes in this post. In this post I will be mentioning things such as soups, salads, teas, and paste as well. These recipes are used for certain things such as promoting, healing, and obtaining certain things. These recipes should not be used as a spell on anyone against their free will and without their permission. So with that said let me begin with a few of these recipes in which I hope you guys try out sometime. The first couple of recipes I am going to explain to are soups and salads. I just want to say that if any of you readers decide to try any of these recipes and you are allergic to any of the ingredients or the ingredients aren't in season just let me know and I will give a list of substitutes that you can use. 

The first soup I want to get into is a attract love soup. This soup starts off with a base that consist of
tomatoes, peas, leeks, and cherries. then the spices which are rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, chili pepper, and basil. If cherries aren't in season they can be replaced with apples, beets, apricots, or raspberries. To make the base prep and cook all the veggies and fruits until tender then puree them in a blender or food processor. then add the base to a pot and the spices to base and simmer about 15-20 minutes. When you add the spices ad them to your tasting. This soup isn't used to help you fall in love or to have someone fall in love with you. It is made to attract love to you in any way possible. The next soup I want to get into is a protection soup. This soup is used to gain protection and is starts with a base of tomatoes, turnips, rhubarb, radish, onions, garlic, leeks, lime juice, and cooked beans (or canned beans). If rhubarb isn't in season it can be replaced with carrots, blueberries, or blackberries if in season. The spices used are dill, cinnamon, salt, pepper, parsley, lime zest, rosemary, and sage. To make the base start off by zesting and juicing the lime. Add the lime juice to the pan with the veggies and cook until tender. Puree the base and add to pot with spices. Add spices to your tasting and simmer about 20 minutes. This next recipe is a promote healing salad. To make this all you need is apples, cucumbers, blackberries, and mint leaves. Prep your ingredients and toss together then serve with a nice light dressing made with a light olive oil, lemon or lime juice and zest, salt, and pepper to taste. Mix the ingredients and toss in with your salad. This is a nice refreshing salad that is healthy for you. Above is a pic of the protection soup.

What I want to explain now is a couple teas and paste. The first tea I want to explain is a exorcism tea. This tea is used to rid negativity. All you need is black tea, basil, mint, peach, pepper, and rosemary. Brew your tea, add the spices, and float peach chunks in the tea. This tea is best served warm. This next tea is to help gain courage and strength. All you need is black tea, ground or fresh ginger, and honey to taste. Brew your tea and enough ginger and honey to your tasting. This teas is best served warm. The first paste I want to mention is used to maintain health. For this paste you need honey as the base and for the spices you need thyme, nutmeg, caraway, and walnuts. If you can't find caraway it can be replaced with coriander or marjoram. Mix all the spices together add some honey and consume. This next paste is used to attain longevity. For this paste you need maple syrup (the real stuff. Not the imitation cheap stuff), sage, peach, lemon juice, and lavender if available. juice half a lemon and add the sage, peach chunks and lavender, then add enough maple syrup to make a paste and consume.

As I mentioned in the post these recipes are not to be used to replace any medicines or doctor visits. This are just to be used for small minor cases such as aches and pains or with any the problems listed in the description of the items that you are going to consume. As I mentioned before I hope you all enjoy this post and if you agree to try any of these recipes please leave a comment on what you chose to use and how you thought about it. Also if you chose to try any of these recipes and are allergic to any of the ingredients or can't find an ingredient just let me know I will give you a substitute. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.  

Monday, October 5, 2015

Earth Magic Part II - Teas & Paste

Earth Magic Part II - Teas & Paste

I promised myself I would do another post about Earth Magic. So with that said here is it. I want to invite you to Earth Magic Part II. In this post I am going to focus on how to incorporate flowers, plants, herbs, and spices into teas and paste. The teas and paste I mention in this post are those I learned from my spirit guide Floyd. He has given me plenty of different teas that are used for different things. But the paste are something new that he has been teaching me for the past couple months or so. Now I haven't given these teas out to a lot people because I know people have their different beliefs in different things. Some people will look at these teas or paste as being a magic spell or some sort of magic potion and to be honest that is exactly what they are. But they aren't bad potions because they are used mostly for healing of small aches and pains. There are also some that are used for calming, controlling anger, hunger cravings, and even to help ease colds. I chose this topic because I know some people don't like to fool with doctors or over the counter medicine all the time especially if they only have something like a small ache or pain. I myself am not a fan of doctors so I find myself making and drinking these teas all the time but I don't advise anyone to replace medicine or doctors with these teas and paste. These are not a replacement for real medical help. If you are truly in pain I would seek professional medical help. 

Now to get into some of these teas. The first tea I want to explain to you is a teas for spirit and body cleansing. This tea is so simple to make all you need is green tea bags, lemon, and honey. You can make this tea to your likeness with as much honey and lemon that you like. This tea should be drank when you are feeling negative or uneasy emotions. It is best drank while warm but it can also be drank cold for those cold tea drinkers out there. This next tea I want to get into is used for appetite cravings. To make this tea you will need black tea bags, cinnamon, hot pepper flakes, lemon, fresh mint leaves, fresh sage leaves, and fresh basil leaves. This tea may seem a little complicated to make it isn't. This has to be drank cold so the first step would be to brew and sweeten your tea and let it get cold in the fridge. The next step is to take a few mint leaves, a couple basil leaves, and a large sage leaf and rip them into pieces. Them put them in something that you can use to muddle them up with. Then muddle them together with a little of your cold tea until it is combined and broken down. Then shake it up with the rest of your tea for a few seconds then strain it into a glass and throw away the muddles leaves. Then cut the lemon into wedges and squeeze a couple of them in the glass with the tea. Then add the cinnamon and hot pepper flakes and stir to incorporate. Add the squeezed lemon wedges to the glass and enjoy. 

To make the paste all you need is honey for the base of the paste or if you don't like honey you can use agave syrup or even peanut butter as the base. The first paste I want to give you is for boosting the immune system. All you need to make this is honey, fresh mint leaves, and a few drops of water. First you want to start off by putting your mint leaves in something you can use to muddle them. Add a few drops of water to mint and muddle them together until it breaks down and is similar looking to pesto. Then you put the mint mixture on a spoon and add honey to it and eat it. That's all it takes and this is something good to take when your coming off a cold. This next paste I want to get into is used for visions during meditation or channeling. What you will need is salt, pepper, dried or rubbed sage, cinnamon, ground ginger, a couple of spearmint leaves, and honey. All you have to is take the spearmint leaves and rip them into small pieces and mix them with a pinch of each of the other spices. Then put the spice mixture on a spoon and top it with honey and consume. Like I mentioned earlier if you don't like honey and choose to use peanut butter just follow the instructions except add the spice mixtures to the peanut butter, mix well and enjoy. If you use agave syrup just use it like you would use the honey. 

There are plenty more recipes I have but they are in a notebook that I misplaced during cleaning and rearranging my room. I chose to share these recipes because these are the few that I had saved in my cellphone. But as I said before these recipes are used as little pick me ups and even though some of the ingredients may seem a little crazy but I promise you if you give them a try you will come to love them just as much I do. Also the ingredients in the teas can used as paste if you don't have tea on hand and vise versa if you don't have honey on hand then add the paste ingredients to a tea of your choice. If you like flavored teas then you can use them as well. The possibilities are endless. I hope you enjoy this post and give these recipes a try. Once I find my notebook I will come back with more recipes to share with you guys. Thank you for viewing.  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Animals vs. Humans: Who Really Calls Earth Home?

Animals vs. Humans: Who Really Calls Earth Home?

Many of us humans here on earth believe that we can do whatever we want to animals because we call this place home. Many of us don't realize that the animals called this place home before we did. I'm not gonna get all religious with post but I do want to say that God put animals on earth before he did humans. I just want to say that not to long ago I read a post that some girl put up on Facebook. Now in this post she was complaining about all the deer being at a campsite where her and her family were camping at. In this post she had said " I wish we would have brought our guns so we could have went hunting. I am sick and tired of animals taking over our parks and campsites. Where do they get off thinking they belong here. They either belong on my plate or in a zoo." Now after reading this I got very upset and wanted to comment so bad about how stupid and uneducated this girls was. How can any human think that Earth belongs to them and them only. Animals were here before we were and as much as it hurts to say this animals are the only reason we have meat to eat. Just think about a world with no animals. We as humanity would not have meat, eggs, milk, cheese, and other foods. 

Now this post isn't about what animals offer us as a meal. This post is about how we treat animals. There a lot of people in the world that love animals and I am one of those people but there more people in the world who hate animals. i mean look at poachers who poach certain animals for money. That is wrong on so many level because most of the animals that are being poached are becoming extinct. A lot of people will kill and animal for no reason at all. But the one thing that really pisses me off with humanity is when they accuse animals of being violent towards humans. For example when a tiger or loin at the zoo or circus attacks and kills a trainer or zoo keeper its the animals faults but in reality its really the trainer or zoo keepers fault. I don't blame the animals for attacking humans because humans are capturing them for their homes and using them for entertainment. These are wild animals and they don't belong in captivity. When a shark attacks a surfer or swimmer the shark is to blame when it is really the surfer and swimmer who is the blame. If you saw a stranger creeping around your home your first thought is intruder and your instinct is to attack to protect yourself and family.

Animals think the same as we do. A shark sees a surfer or swimmer as an intruder in it's home so it attacks. It's not targeting us as a meal it's just trying to protect itself. Animals are really no different from us. They live to survive and care of themselves and their families just like we do. So why do we treat them as if their different? We do this because we strive to be at the top of the food chain. I mean I believe we as humans murder more humans a year then animals do humans. I also believe that we are not at the top of the food chain and never will be because we are not meant to be. I believe the top of the food chain belongs to whatever species can survive for many years. We as humans cannot survive for many years. Most of us nowadays freak out when we don't have our internet, cellphones, cable, TV's, vehicles etc. Animals don't have to worry about things like that and they are built for survival and to be honest we weren't. So in the end after weighing all the pros and cons I can happily say the animals are number one on earth. They are at the top of the food like they have been since the beginning of time. They have the right to call earth home more then we do. We came here and took over their homes when we started tearing down their homes to build ours. Animals should be treated with respect not like outcast. They have every right to attack and hurt us because they are just protecting their homes, families, and themselves. There're doing to us what we have done to them for years. If we would just stop hurting them and show them that we care for them and understand them then I know they will show us the same respect back.   

Homemade Chocolates and Easy Molding Techniques

Homemade Chocolates and Easy Molding Techniques

Hello everyone!!!! I know this is gonna seem like a random post but since this is the month of October and Halloween is just around the corner I wanted to take the time out to write about how to make homemade chocolates and mention a few easy molding techniques. Now one of my favorite homemade candies to make is fudge. Whether you are making chocolate, peanut butter, peppermint, or any other flavor just remember that fudge is one of the easiest candies to make. I love making layered fudge but some people find it difficult but it really is not as hard as you think. Since Christmas is only 3 months away I'll use peppermint fudge as an example. To make a layered peppermint fudge you must first start off by making the peppermint layer first. I make mine with white chocolate chips or white bakers chocolate, peppermint extract or mint extract, butter, and sweetened condensed milk. I also use red or green food coloring depending on which extract you use. Red for peppermint and green for mint. Once I get the fudge made I use that as my bottom layer and let it cool in a greased 8x8 square baking pan lined with wax or parchment paper. As the mint fudge is cooling I prepare my top layer which is chocolate fudge. I make my chocolate fudge with cocoa powder, powdered sugar, butter, milk, and vanilla extract. Once the chocolate fudge is made I pour it in top of the mint layer and let it cool for at least 4 hours in the fridge uncovered. Top picture at the top is of my chocolate peppermint layered fudge. 

Another easy candy to make is homemade chocolates. Now everyone knows chocolate is the number one selling candy at Halloween. I love to make my own homemade chocolates because I get to experiment with different flavors for the different Holidays. Like now for the Fall Holidays I can experiment with pumpkin flavors. One of the easiest ways to make homemade chocolates is chocolate chips or bakers chocolate. I love to make bark using these or I will make different candy shapes or even lollipops by using candy molds or silicone ice cube trays. I have made chocolates using the ice cubes with skull, pumpkins, and spider shapes for Halloween. I have used candy molds with zombies hand shapes and bone shapes as well. All you have to do is melt the chocolate and pour them into the molds and let the harden in the fridge for a little while and then you have different shapes of chocolates to use as decorations or just eat as is. For example last year for Halloween I made brownie cupcakes and decorated them with some zombie hands and bones that I made with melted white chocolate and green food coloring. I also used crushed chocolate graham crackers as dirt and sour gummy worms. The ending results were delicious, scary, and amazing to look at. The pic above is of the brownie cupcakes.  

 As I mention above there are many different types of molds out there to use. Besides the few that I mentioned above that I used for Halloween I have used a star shaped mold and made red, white, and blue stars for the Forth of July by melting down white chocolate and dividing it into threes and added red and blue food coloring. I also used flower shaped molds for spring and Easter candies. You can use the many different molds anything such as thanksgiving there are Fall leaves and turkey molds as well as the pumpkin or cornucopia molds.

Christmas there are so many more such as bells, Santa, reindeer, elves, etc. The possibilities are endless and they make amazing gifts for the Holidays. Who doesn't like chocolate and who doesn't like chocolate as a gift. So by making someone homemade chocolates as a gift is truly a gift from the heart. For all you couples out there buy a heart shaped mold and make homemade candies for your sweetheart on Valentines Day. If you buy a larger heart shaped mold you could get inventive and make filled chocolate hearts. Just imagine fellas you in the kitchen while you lady is at work or out shopping your making her creamed filled chocolate hearts with things like caramel, marshmallow, peanut butter, and even a mint cream. It  would blow her mind knowing that her man spent so much time actually making her something like that. It's something I do for my wife and she still gets surprised when I do it because its something that I don't everyday. Ladies you can do the same for your man for the holidays as well. Parents this is something that you can do for your kids and family as well. Make it a tradition and start something new for friends and family. Here are some pics of a few of my molds.

I hope you guys enjoy this post and if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments please post them below. I will post others topics like this closer to the other Holidays with other ideas and pics of tasty treats. Thank you reading.

Native American Prayer - To Awaken Your Spirit

Lakota Prayer

Great Mystery,
teach me how to trust
my heart,
my mind,
my intuition,
my inner knowing,
the senses of my body,
the blessings of my spirit.
Teach me to trust these things
so that I may enter my Sacred Space
and love beyond my fear,
and thus Walk in Balance
with the passing of each glorious Sun.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Galactic Information Monthly - October 2015

Galactic Information Monthly
October 2015

The following information was guided from the Galactic Federation Of Light, and all those who are for the betterment of Humanity. It is expected that there will be some Solar Flares occurring this month, and they could get pretty high. None should be extremely threatening, but be aware that this has been confirmed, and the Galactic's are working on controlling these from getting too bad. This month holds a lot of events, and you will notice a lot of high and low energy points. For any of the dates that are not mentioned, you can expect these days to be low to normal. The Galactic's have been giving the messages to connect more with nature to get more of these coding uploads that are being gifted to us. It is better connected with our bodies and spirits when we are outside. Also this is better for our spiritual advancements. So keep this in mind during this month. The Galactic Federation Of Light wants everyone to know that they are here to help, and if you need them all you need to do is go look out into the sky and call upon them.

Spiritual Awakening/Ascension/Advancement Uploads & Coding Days:
10/1 via Comet C2013 US10 Catalina
10/2 via Asteroid 2000SM10
10/3 via Asteroid  2015SR
10/8 via Draconoid Meteor Shower
10/10 via Asteroid  2000FL10
10/11 via Comet 22P/Kopff
10/18 via Asteroid 2014UR & 2011SE97
10/21 via Asteroid 2001 UY4
10/25 via Asteroid 29 Amphitrite & 22P Kopff

Galactic Calendar:
10/1 On this day M110 which is the Andromeda Galaxy will be well placed for observation, and it will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. Messages from the Andromedians will be more likely to come through on this day. So be sure to check out the Galaxy if you have a telescope, and be sure to connect with them if you are a channeler.

10/2 On this dayNGC253 which is the Sculptor Galaxy will be well placed for observation, and it will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. Messages from the Sculptors will be more likely to come through on this day. So be sure to check out the Galaxy if you have a telescope, and be sure to connect with them if you are a channeler. I know that messages from entities of this region are not widely spoken of, but they do have a lot to teach us.

10/3 Asteroid 15 Eunomia will be well placed for observation, lying in the constellation Pegasus. Regardless of your location on Earth, 15 Eunomia will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. With this comes a large increase in energy waves and vibrations.

10/4 The moon will be at its last quarter during this time, and you will notice much more urgency in completing things during this time. A lot more psychic and intuitive energy will be released on this night. So be sure to remember to take a look up in the sky. You should feel these effects even if the moon is not visible to you and your location. Also on this night we have the Milky Way’s dwarf companion, the Small Megellanic Cloud, or SMC, in Tucana. It will be well placed for observation, and is expected to reach its highest point at around midnight local time. This is a good time for Astral Travelers to go visiting this area, and for channelers to connect with some of the energies coming through from this region of the sky.

10/5 NGC 300 which is a Spiral Galaxy in Sculptor will be well placed for observation, and will be at its highest point at around midnight local time. Again you will feel energies emitting from this area, due to the extremely high energy vibrations from this region.

10/6 The Draconids minor meteor shower will be producing about 10 per hour from the constellation Draco. This will begin today and reach out until the 10th. You can expect connection with the Draco Constellation to remain open during this time, and messages are expected to come through for humanity. There will also be many personal codes sent out,

10/7 The Globular Cluster MGC 362 in Tucana will be in the highest point of the sky at around midnight local time. Be aware that there will be an extra portal of energy open during this time for channelers to receive messages.

10/8 The Conjunction between the Moon and Venus will occur on this night. The moon and Venus will make a close approach and pass one another from our view in the sky of a degree of only .39 of each other. This night will be good for connection with the feminine side of things. Whether this is Mother God, Mother Earth, or the feminine and caring side of yourself. Be aware of this side of yourself during this day, because it will aid you in the days to come.

10/9 The Conjunction between the Moon and Mars will occur on this night. The moon and mars will make a close approach of passing one another from our view of the sky. This night will be good for connection with the masculine side of things. It will be important to find the masculine parts of ourselves during this day. In addition, it will be wise to watch our tempers, because this day may bring increased emotions.

10/10 The Draconids minor meteor shower will be closing tonight, and with it the coding uploads and portals of communication will too. Get in any channelings now, because after tonight it will be a bit harder to reach them.

10/11 The moon will reach the furthest point along its orbit to Earth, and will appear slightly smaller than at other times. This is called The Moon at Apogee. What this time normally brings is a lull in emotions, and calmness throughout everything. Think of how the full moon effects people and raises their emotions. Well this time will be kind of like the opposite. You may also experience a lull in energy as well. Think of this day like a time to relax a bit.

10/12 Uranus will be well placed for observation in the constellation of Pisces. It will be visible for much of the night, and will reach its highest point in the sky around midnight local time. This will bring an increase in spiritual energy.

10/13 The New Moon will rise on this night bringing a time of cleansing and loads of purifying energies along with it.

10/14 The Triangulum Galaxy will be well placed for observation, and will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. This will be a good time to connect with this region of the sky and explore. You may be surprised at what you find!

10/15 The Moon at Perihelion will be on this night which means the moon’s monthly orbit around Earth will bring it to its closest point to the sun. This should bring everyone a feeling of connection with the world around you. It should be a peaceful time, and very little arguments should  arise. For those who are spiritual awakened enough, this will mean a full connection with the world, sky, and high beings above.

10/16 The moon and Saturn from our point in the sky will appear to make a close approach of passing one another. This means that both energies from the Moon and of Saturn will be applied to us. With the moon comes connection with the divine, and with Saturn comes accomplishment and transition. So we can expect today to bring a large energy of spiritual work being finished or worked on. This night will also bring very high waves of energy coming through. Also some shooting stays associated with the Orionis Meteor Shower will begin tonight and begin to peak as the days progress. This will bring in personal uploads and coding which will be custom to each person’s personal level of spirituality.

10/20 On this day the moon will be at first quarter, and will bring in a lot of rejuvenating energy for motivation and to get things done. This whole week you may notice a pull towards getting things accomplished, and setting new goals. This will be a very good time to look ahead.

10/21 The Orionid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity today. You can expect the maximum rate of meteors to be expected in a dim area to be about 25 per hour. The moon may present an interference due to the illumination. But do not worry if you cannot see these shooting stars. The energy emitting from them will be very strong, and should be felt by all!

10/25 The moon’s monthly orbit around the Earth will carry it to its furthest point from the Sun, which is called its aphelion. During this time you can expect energies to be back to normal, and things should be moving at a steady rate. Emotions should be general during this time, and not have too much uprisings. Also on this night the beings of Perseus and the stay cluster NGC 869 will be reaching out to earth. You can expect messages to come through to some channelers who are of high enough vibrations to receive the transmissions.

10/26 Venus will be giving much more energy today than normal. Connecting with the energies of Venus will be good for those who know how to do that. Otherwise, you can expect energies to be very pleasant, and things should be going very well in relation to emotions. Personal Energy Vibrations should be high today. Also the moon will reach its closest point to the Earth today, and will appear slightly larger than at other times. This close approach will occur when the Moon is almost at full phase, and so it will appear unusually large and bright. This is mainly referred to as a supermoon. This will be a very wonderful night for meditation, spiritual practices, and for sky gazing. You can expect energies to be very high, and connection with the Galactic's will be at a high during this day. Also for the channelers out there, look for messages coming through from the open star cluster NGC 884 in Perseus.

10/27 The Full Moon is tonight, and being right after a Super Moon than means that this night will be wonderful for energy work. There will also be a few portals opening bringing through some information as well as entities through. You can expect these to be of high vibration, and they will be assisting humanity, but this will be in very discreet ways. Channeling sessions, meditations, and all forms of spiritual work will be very good today.

10/28 Conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. A rare, 3-planet conjunction will be visible on the morning of October 28. The planets Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will all form a tight 1-degree triangle in the early morning sky. Look to the east just before sunrise for this spectacular event which will bring through much purifying and powerful energy.

10/30 The Orionid Meteor Shower should be coming to a close tonight, and with it the energies and personal advancements will be as well. This will give way to becoming adjusted to all of the information that was given to you.