Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Galactic Information Weekly - Week Of August 23rd - 29th 2015

August 24 - Comet 141P/Machholz will make its closest approach to the Sun, at a distance of 0.76 AU. With this come increases in purifying energies! This moment will be to prepare all of us for the week ahead of us.

August 26 - From our vantage point on the Earth, Jupiter will appear very close to the Sun in the sky as it passes around the far side of the solar system from the Earth. At closest approach, Jupiter and the Sun will appear at a separation of only 0°52', making Jupiter totally unobservable for several weeks while it is lost in the Sun's glare. At around the same time, Jupiter will also be at its most distant from the Earth – receding to a distance of 6.40 AU – since the two planets will lie on opposite sides of the solar system. This event will bring energy increases to open our mind, body, and spirits to increases in knowledge of both an earthly prospective, and a galactic prospective.

August 27 – The Moon At Aphelion. The Moon's monthly orbit around the Earth will carry it to its furthest point from the Sun – its aphelion – at a distance of 1.0125 AU from the Sun. This happens at around the time when the Moon's orbit carries it around the far side of the Earth as seen from the Sun, at around the same time that it passes full moon. For comparison, at the moment of this aphelion, the Earth will lie at a distance of 1.0103 AU from the Sun, and at a distance of 0.0024 AU (364,000 km) from the Moon. This event will cleanse our hearts and energy centers to fully balance out all of the energetic solar events which have happened so far this week, and to fully prepare us for the rest. At this moment you should be very in tune with the earth and people around you.

August 28 – Asteroid 2015 QT3 will be approaching earth. It has a lunar distance of 4.2 and it the size of 73 m. This poses no threat to earth, but it is what professionals categorize it as a PHA or Potentially Hazardous Asteroid. This event will be focusing on setting our bodies and placing healing energies within us. Even though we may not be able to see this event, it doesn't mean that it will not send the gifts from the galactic's our way.

August 29 - Full Moon, Supermoon. The Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and its face will be will be fully illuminated. This phase occurs at 18:35 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Sturgeon Moon because the large sturgeon fish of the Great Lakes and other major lakes were more easily caught at this time of year. This moon has also been known as the Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon. This is also the first of three supermoons for 2015. The Moon will be at its closest approach to the Earth and may look slightly larger and brighter than usual. Also Asteroid 2015 PT227 will be approaching earth. It has a lunar distance of 9.7 and the size of 73 m. This poses no threat to earth, but it is what professionals categorize it as a PHA or Potentially Hazardous Asteroid. This night will bring huge increases in energy. You will feel this on all levels, and it will also increase psychic and intuitive awareness. So all of you astral travelers and meditation lovers out there go in and see what comes out!!

August 29 – Mercury At Aphelion. Mercury's 88-day orbit around the Sun will carry it to its furthest point to the Sun – its aphelion – at a distance of 0.47 AU. Unlike most of the planets,
which follow almost exactly circular orbits around the Sun only varying in their distance from the Sun by a few percent, Mercury has a significantly elliptical orbit. Its distance from the Sun varies between 0.307 AU at perihelion (closest approach to the Sun), and 0.467 AU at aphelion (furthest recess from the Sun). This variation, of over 50%, means that its surface receives over twice as much energy from the Sun at perihelion as compared to aphelion. However, this makes little difference to Mercury's telescopic appearance, since little if any detail on its surface can be resolved by ground-based telescopes. Although its changing seasons have an incredible effect upon its surface temperatures, there is little change that is visible to amateur observers. Also this night will bring downloads from the Galactics and these will be different for each person according to their own personal level of understanding and awareness in relation to their spiritual waking state.

This week POTENT SUNSPOT FACES EARTH: Sunspot AR2403 has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for strong solar flares. Moreover, the behemoth sunspot is directly facing Earth. So there should be some good chances of flares coming through this week. There should be a 55% chance of M class flares and a 10% chance of X class flares.
Also this week GEOMAGNETIC STORMS: A solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field during the early hours of Aug. 23rd. The impact sparked a moderately strong (Kp=6) geomagnetic storm and bright auroras over Canada and Alaska.

Something else which is amazing is SPRITES AND TROLLS AT THE EDGE OF SPACE: We all know what comes out of the bottom of thunderclouds: lightning. But rarely do we see what comes out of the top. On August 10th, astronauts on board the International Space Station were perfectly positioned to observe red sprites dancing atop a cluster of storms in Mexico. Trolls are also known as 'secondary transient luminous events, They are occasionally observed alongside big clusters of sprites, and they can reach 40-60 km high. Sprites can actually pull Earth's ionosphere down toward the thunderstorm. When the gap shrinks, and the local electric field intensifies, Trolls appear. You don't have to be on board a spaceship to see these exotic forms of lightning. "Sprite chasers" regularly photograph the upward bolts from their own homes. I included this in this week’s messages because it is my understanding that this was a sign from the Galactic Federation Of Light that love is pure and magic is here. They are near, and these events are proof of this. Simply look up the pictures and take a look, and you will see how beautiful and breathtaking it looks like. These Sprites and Trolls are the result of the Galactic's letting all of us know that no matter how dark our days may sometimes seem, there is always more out there better coming, and there is always a higher perspective. I look at these sprites and trolls and see this as a true in your face sign that earth is protected!! Now this doesn't mean that nothing bad will ever happen, but according to the higher perspective we are all in good hands.

So basically what does all this mean? A lot of energy will be coming through, and as all of these events are coming through near the first full super moon of 2015, we can expect many energy shifts to be coming through. This means a high level of energy will be surging through our solar system, and thus will be impacting us. For those use to high levels of energy it will be fine, but for
those who may not you may feel extra tired but your mind will be very alert. Last week we experienced many strange lights in the sky, and these mostly all came from our Galactic’s and other alien races popping in to say hello. However, this week since the energies are going to be so high they are not going to be coming through as much. This doesn't mean that channelers won’t receive messages. It only means that if your eyes are to the skies looking, you may not see as many UFO or strange sightings. We use the term UFO, but we all know here that they are not unexplained. But either way… the lack of sightings will be so we can all spend more time soaking in all of these energetic bursts emitting from various places each night from our solar system. There will also be some downloads happening on the night of the full moon. So be sure you’re prepared to receive them. We can expect extra connection with nature and the sky above during this week. Pay close attention to your dreams as well, because there will be various visions and meditations coming through if you concentrate on receiving them. This will be a wonderful week for spiritual advancements. So if there is anything you would like to work on improving in your spiritual life and work, then take this week as a chance to get started! I know I will!!

Collective Message From The Galactic’s

They will not be able to show themselves as much this week due to two low energy portals opening this week. These portals will be letting in very low energy beings from other planets and realms. The Galactic’s use high energy frequencies when they make their presence known. When these low energy beings come through the portals they begin to feed off of high energies to try to make themselves known to those who give off the light. The Galactic’s are choosing to limit their presence because not all the beings coming though are positive energy beings. There will be very few positive energy beings coming through. On Wednesday and Thursday this week you will feel a lot of negative and uneasy energies. These two days are the days the portals will be open. The smallest portal DS70 will be opening around midnight Tuesday night and the largest portal 9954 will be opening Wednesday night. These portals will be closed by early Friday morning and the energies should be back to normal. All of you light workers and people who work with high vibrations please cleanse and protect yourselves on those two days Wednesday and Thursday. The Galactic’s will be able to show themselves Sunday-Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. So for all you stargazers out there these are the nights to see them. They will be sending many transmissions, upgrades, and downloads this week to help protect us against the negative energies as well. They will be sending Galactic Energy and Cosmic Love all this week.

Card Of The Week: Energy Oracle
The Thinking Man: Male of Wisdom or Understanding

This card shows a man standing before an archway, gazing at a crystal in his hand. He is a thoughtful and reflective man, representing the potential presence of a teacher in your life now, or about to arrive soon. This person may be there to educate you in the finer details of your chosen direction, or may be there to assist you in some specific spiritual, mental or emotional pursuits.
The card is telling you to pay attention, for this could lead to great strides in personal or professional growth. But be on the lookout for this guide and be open to his information. Learn what you can. A new discipline, course of study, or healing practice could change your life forever.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Earth Magic Part 1

     This is what Earth Magic is to me. Everybody is going to have their own different meanings for different things and someone out there is going to have their own meaning of Earth Magic so this is my meaning. Earth Magic to me is natural, ancient, and is mostly associated with the shaman’s, and witchcraft, but to me it is one of the most important forms of magic and it is also very powerful. I also think it is the most efficient of the four elements and I believe this is because when you do an Earth Magic spell you always have to most likely take something from the earth whether it is flowers, herbs, plants, rocks, spices, etc. You are taking these things from the earth and by the end of the spell you always have to give it back to the earth. This is my reason why I feel it is the most efficient of the four elements.
     I also feel that it causes us to have a deeper connection with mother earth, the creator God ( or whoever you believe is the creator), as well spirits and the Universe. To give an example of an earth magic spell, this is a spell that I cast for myself and it was a money spell. I took a piece of notebook paper and I wrote on it what I wanted to manifest which was money in any form possible and I took a few herbs and spices that is good for manifesting money during a spell such as mint, cinnamon, basil, dill, and ginger. I mixed them together and folded it up inside the paper and I burned it. After I burned it I dug a hole in the ground and buried the ashes. By doing this I gave back to earth what I took from it. Doing earth magic spells may take longer to work then say a fire, air, or water spell because earth is the embodiment of the other elements. 
     I look at like this earth is the mother of all things. If you would ask your mother to fix you something to eat it will take her awhile to finish the meal due to the time it takes to prepare and cook it. So we as spell casters are asking mother earth to prepare and serve us our spell so she must first gather our information, prepare our manifestations, and then deliver to us our ending solution to the spell cast. With all this in progress it will be some time before the spell works. But it will be well worth the wait because I believe the longer it takes for a spell to work the efficient the spell will be. 
     As for the Shaman’s they used some of the most ancient techniques when it comes to earth magic. They used herbs, flowers, plants, and spices to heal themselves, others, and the earth. I don’t know a lot about shamanism but I am still studying it and I have purchased some things to help me better understand shamanism. A couple of these is a book by Dr. Steven D. Farmer Titled Earth Magic. I bought this book after I had a meditation to where my spirit guide Floyd had come through and told something that I did not know and that was that I was of shamanic decent and I should learn more about shamanism. I was drawn to this book because it is about Ancient Shamanic Wisdom. I haven’t finished the book yet but based on what I read so far it is a very good book. I also purchased a deck of oracle cards by Dr. Farmer as well and these are titled Earth Magic Oracle cards.
     I also purchased another deck of cards. This deck is the Shamans Oracle cards. (Explain a little about the decks.) Also different ancient cultures have used earth magic for many years and have been successful with it their different uses of it. Also you have witchcraft with the wiccans, pagans, druids, and groups like that that have acknowledged and at times even worshiped the earth so earth magic is important in many different faiths and religions. I think this is good because with different faiths people believe in different things even though there will be people out there that won’t believe in what you believe in you still have the right to believe in whatever you want. I believe that is how humanity should be. You should never let other people tell you what you should believe in. It’s your life and it’s your faith follow your heart and embrace it. Besides those things I just mentioned I do a lot of research. I will watch YouTube videos to try to learn more about shamanism and witchcraft. I also practice spells to better myself and get more connected with the earth. These are some of the things I do in my own time to learn more and better myself with magic. As far as Shamanism goes I read books, watch videos, and often meditate and channel with my spirit guide Floyd to get as much information as possible. 
     I have this encyclopedia of magical herbs by Scott Cunningham that I will look through for certain herbs and things that I may growing in my garden that is good for aches and pains and I will use those herbs or spices in a tea or paste if I have a headache, toothache or some sort of pain. I like to practice this because instead of always going for the over the counter meds I want to take a more natural approach to healing the pain. I spend a minute or so to talk about the earth. Now earth is matter and when we are connecting with the earth we are connecting with the whole Universe basically and the element of earth could be associated with any planet because if you really think about it any planet could be earth to whatever being is living on that planet. There may be dirt, trees whatever living organism on that planet could represent earth to those beings living there. Any of these things could exist on any planet so to me earth could be looked at as many planets. Also we are matter as well because I feel that in a way we come from earth because earth is made up mostly water and more than half of our body is made up of water. I also think of nature when I think of earth. I love nature and when you are out in nature you are surrounded by earth. Also we couldn't survive without all the wonderful things that earth provides for us to live and breathe. Earth is our key to existence. Besides me being an earth element these are all the things that come to my mind when I think of earth and earth magic.

Galactic Information Weekly - Week Of August 16th - 22nd 2015

Solar activity is returning to low levels following a brief flurry of minor flares from sunspot AR2401. Solar wind flowing from the coronal hole could reach Earth on Aug. 16-17. Solar flares should be at a low during this week which means energy levels will be lower too. This doesn't mean that you won’t have physical energy, but it will be a good time to incorporate some other forms of natural energy into this week. It will also be a perfect time for meditation. Also with this lull in solar activity there should be an increase in UFO sightings. The Galactic's are putting this through to us as important information, because they know many of us have our heads up to the skies. So this will be the week to be on the lookout. I also want to mention about the moon on August 29th. It will be the first of three super moons for 2015. The moon will be at its closest approach to the earth and may look slightly larger and brighter than usual. I am mentioning this because many of you who practice magical workings can plan now so you will be ready. Also the Galactic's have informed us that there will be a large increase in spiritual activity. This is due to some energy they’re sending down to work with the Super Moon. This all will be starting this week, and gaining strength all the way up until to 29th. They want us all to know that this is energy which we can use for anything we like. The only thing we have to do is focus our energy upon whatever we want it to aid. For example psychic awareness, spiritual cleansing, spiritual protection, boosts in the connection for channeling sessions, manifestations, magickal workings, etc. As for the boosting channeling sessions this will be a wonderful week to begin connecting with whatever entities or guides you consult. There will be increases in the connection during this week. This is a very powerful time for us all here on earth. No matter where we came from before this incarnation, we are all here now. The Galactics want us all to know that they are there to assist us. For all of you regular stargazers out there this entire month has been beautiful for viewing the Milky Way. If you haven’t already noticed, then look up to the sky in a dimly lit area to see. The view of this area will be very bright and beautiful for most of us on earth. This week the moon will be in the waxing creasant phase leading into the waxing quarter moon on the 21st. This means that the energy from the moon will be good for laying a foundation in your life. This will be the start of emotional changes for many of us, but this should be in good ways. This is a time of regeneration. Anything you do to strengthen your body is much more effective during this time. Your body will absorb more easily of both good and bad. So keep your mind and heart pure and positive.

Directly Channeled Messages:
Urion- Collective message from Galactic's
If you have not felt our presence as much this past week it was because the main star ship or the mother ship left for a while to go for a mission in another galaxy by way of portals. They’re back this week so our presence and your energy will be back to normal and much higher. We also want to specify that this week there will be a lot of energy coming through. A lot of this energy will be coming from the new moon on August 14th. There will be left over energy from that leading into this week. This will be a good week for all the people out there who channel us to receive our messages. Our frequencies will be almost level with yours. This is because the energy from the new moon will be leveling up your frequencies to closely match ours. Those who connect with spirits, this will be an ideal week for that as well. Spirit Keepers should feel a closer connection, and those who are in tune with their guides will also feel this. It will be a good time to meditate this week. Use this week to help yourselves grow in your spiritual work. There will be a few portals open this week. The names we are giving them in your language are AR92, PR20, and 8137. These will be high energy vibrational portals. It will bring in much high energy vibrational entities such as spirits and beings from other realms. This will be a wonderful week for stargazing because there will be a lot to see in the sky. There will be shooting stars. You will also see a peak in what you call UFO sightings. We are working on something, but this has to be subtle and patience is required. All who receive transmissions, uploads and downloads will be happening at night under the stars. So prepare yourselves to receive these by protecting yourselves spiritually and preparing yourselves. Every night this week will contain a new upload or advancement. Energy shifts may seem a bit uneasy and uncomfortable for those who are extra sensitive to such things. This is due to the portals which are opened. Spirit activity will be frequent, and this is the reason for the energy shifts. It may affect your emotions on a certain level.

                                                 Card of the Week: Energy Oracle

Cornucopia: Wishes Fulfilled
An abundant harvest and great blessings are waiting for you, and you may even find all of your wishes fulfilled. This cornucopia of gifts from the Universe can come in the form of financial riches, job fulfillment, romantic love, or all of the above.
When you receive the Cornucopia upright, you know that you’ve done important work and it’s about to pay off. The seeds you’ve planted in your energy and in your life are ready to be harvested in some significant ways. Get ready, for a great feast of abundant value is being prepared for you now, and Spirit is applauding all of your effort.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Card Of The Day - Shaman Oracle - Shaman of Foresight

Shaman of Foresight

"I am the Shaman of Foresight. I travel the road 
before you, bringing back reports of what lies ahead.
I can teach you to see beyond the moment, to live in
such a way that whatever new task you undertake, you
are always ready to adjust accordingly. I prepare the 
way ahead, ensuring that wherever your journey leads,
you will enter into each new moment with clear intent
and true perception."

Foresight enables us to find the way toward our own destiny. It takes us safely past obstacles or traps, beyond stormy seas into calmer waters. For our ancestors the ability to imagine what might happen next would often have meant the difference between life and death, In our own lives foresight means being prepared for every eventuality. The Shaman of Foresight helps us to work on our expectations so that we are ready for whatever life throes at us. the image on this card shows the hand print enclosed in a cage: foresight shows us how we may avoid such captivity in the first place.   

Galactic Information Weekly - Week Of August 9-15

Geomagnetic activity is subsiding on August 8th as earth exits one solar wind stream. But more flare ups could come before the weekend ends as our planet enters a second stream. On August 9th there is a 55% chance of geomagnetic storms. This will lead into the 10th due to solar winds. People of the northern latitudes can expect to see some Aurora’s. This will be a good time for astral travelers to shed their bodies for a few hours and head up to see the shows. Another big impact is sunspot AR2396. It seems to be getting stronger so this should bring extra energy bursts. You may feel this on both a physical and inner level. This week the moon is waning leading into the new moon on the 14th. This week will be good for completing project because the flow of energy will be more subtle. Paying attention to detail will also be good as you are heading into this week. Decluttering unnecessary spiritual blockages and clogs will be the aim of this week. You can also physically clean up both your surroundings and your life or attitudes. You will be more naturally inclined to let go this week. On the 14th, the new moon will bring a time to complete and prepare. There’s a natural lull in energy levels, similar to the waning moon making it an ideal time to organize. This new moon may also bring sudden insights. Therefore many advancements and downloads will be given during the 14th. Also be on the lookout for the inferior solar conjunction on August 15th. Venus will pass almost directly between Earth and the Sun. This will show Venus as a crescent shape. This will bring increases in romance, psychic insights, intuition, and calmness within relationships of any kind. If you do feel any bad vibes, they should be on their way out. I also want to give a shout out to Asteroid 2005JF21 coming on August 16th. It has a lunar distance of 20.1 and is the size of 1.6 KM. This will bring a new wave of information in our next Galactic Information Weekly. But there is a message I have for all of us from the Galactic’s (Galactic Federation of Light). This is a collective message from all.

“There is much energy coming through. These will be on a large rise in the times to come. This is a time of purging negative vibes and energy. Also increases in strength will come to help with daily issues. A time of preparation is upon us, and the transformation is now. Connect with the simpler things so you can be more receptive to them (us) and their (our) increases. A time is approaching when even more will be revealed. Be blessed and send blessings.”

Shaman’s Oracle Card: Hunter of Abundance

Abundance means wealth in all its forms. The ability to provide for family, tribe or nation can come at a high price, but when the rewards are reaped we rejoice. For our ancestors it meant access to food, shelter, and warmth. Yet encounters with the Hunter of Abundance teaches us that today abundance is not only sufficient provision for those in our care, but also another kind of plenty: that of creativity and emotional stability, and a profound sense of spirit and love for all. It also means taking only enough for our needs, rather than our over-consumption.

This week expect: Plentifullness, certainty, love, well-being, creative motivations, strength of purpose, discovery of things hidden, resourcefulness, as well as sharing and spiritual sufficiency.

Thought to consider: You are the hunter of abundance. Wherever you go, you forage for the richest stores of good things, the utmost bounty that will encourage stability, strength, growth, and comfort within you. When you find these things you bring them home to bestow upon you who asked.
The Galactic’s presence on your journey proves a purpose. It is an overflowing of fruitfulness and riches of spirit, heart, and mind

Galactic Information Weekly - Week Of August 2-8

This week will be a raise in energy. This will be be on a global scale. However most won't notice, because this will be on an inner level. Things such as emotions, intuition, strong urges or feelings, and psychic energy may be increased as well. This is due to the polar geomagnetic storms on August 6th. Solar winds are also increasing. August 15th brings the inferior solar conjunction. Venus will pass almost directly between Earth and the Sun. As it approaches the Sun, the Planet is turning it's night side toward Earth. This will reduce its luminous glow to a thin silver. This will bring increases of love emotions, romance, harmony, marriages, friendships, and unions should be positively effected. Venus has a good attraction energy. So this is why its also about increased pleasure. This may help boost the attraction of our desires. August 6th brings power with Asteroid 2005NZ6. This Asteroid has an Lunar Distance of 76.5 and is 1.4 kilometers in size. With this the Galactic's have placed powerful extra advancements and activation's. There will be much more to come later in the month.      

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Card Of The Day-The Shaman’s Oracle: Hunter Of Abundance

Hunter of Abundance

Abundance means wealth in all its forms. The ability to provide for family, tribe or nation can come at a high price, but when the rewards are reaped we rejoice. For our ancestors it meant access to food, shelter, and warmth. Yet encounters with the Hunter of Abundance teaches us that today abundance is not only sufficient provision for those in our care, but also another kind of plenty: that of creativity and emotional stability, and a profound sense of spirit and love for all. It also means taking only enough for our needs, rather than our over-consumption.

This week expect: Plentifullness, certainty, love, well-being, creative motivations, strength of purpose, discovery of things hidden, resourcefulness, as well as sharing and spiritual sufficiency.

Thought to consider: You are the hunter of abundance. Wherever you go, you forage for the richest stores of good things, the utmost bounty that will encourage stability, strength, growth, and comfort within you. When you find these things you bring them home to bestow upon you who asked.

The Galactic’s presence on your journey proves a purpose. It is an overflowing of fruitfulness and riches of spirit, heart, and mind.