Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Who Am I?

Today I have not been feeling too well. I have been feeling a bit under the weather. I am not sure if it is a cold or sinus infection. But I have been feeling a lack of physical energy. I've been feeling a bit weak and it feels like my bones and joints are hurting. At one point I feel like this is a bit of an energetic upload. And upload is a source of energy given by the Galactic Federation of Light which normally helps with raising your energy vibrations. Depending upon the situation that is going on. It might be a way to lower your vibrations a little bit it just depends upon the person. I had plans to go to a town called Lewes. To just walk around and see the historic sites. We were probably going to go to a Halloween shop. We also wanted to walk through a store called Tuesday Morning. That is right next to Walmart so we may as well have went into Walmart to. By we I mean my wife and I along with our Spirit family. My spirit family is the deceased human spirits who we have come into contact with. They are the ones that chose to stick around, and not cross over. This is for various reasons, but the most usual reason is because they still want to experience certain aspects of life. These range from kids to certain level of adults. By doing these activities they are participating as well. So I look more forward to doing this stuff more for them rather than myself. With me being sick if I cannot make myself feel better then we might have to reschedule. This is something that we scheduled last week and we have all been looking forward to it. So I am hoping that I feel better.

I have been having so much on my mind lately. I talked about it with my wife the other night. Most of it it's just my thoughts on Humanity as a whole. How it seems like humanity is so distracted. This is by everything such as social media, stuff about celebrities, and just a bunch of other stuff. I just feel like all this distraction is causing Humanity not to awaken as fast as they could. I have also been thinking about how Humanity seems to react to the holidays. For example Black Friday and how people act during that day. The holidays and how it is so commercialized. It's like they would rather act like fools when it comes to buy a gift. This is even how they act when it comes to buying food for the holidays. Sometimes more often than not they go overboard. The holidays are supposed to be about family. Spending time with loved ones. This is whether or not you have gifts or not. For most people who do not have money to really get gifts, they will just decorate and have whatever food that they can afford. Or whatever food they get given to them by donation places. To me I feel like that is the true Spirit of the holiday season. So many people are distracted with the commercial aspect of it. They forget that as long as you are spending time with your loved ones, even if it is just sitting around or watching TV. That is what it is all about. This is also with children nowadays. They want the biggest and the next best thing that is out. A lot of families might not be able to afford it, but they will go through whatever it is to get it. Probably because they want to make their kid happy, and if it takes something so mundane to make your child happy then in my opinion obviously you have raised a spoiled child. In my opinion. Sometimes I feel like you shouldn't even ask your child or anybody for that matter what it is they want for Christmas. It should come from the heart. But it's not. Here lately this has made me feel like I do not even want to celebrate the holidays. I feel like it's not even worth it. I like to decorate and I also like to cook. But The gift-giving part is very overrated. With all the new stuff coming out nowadays, and everybody wanting it, I just feel like it's a waste of money. Everything is priceless until you put a price to it. In my opinion A lot of the stuff that is coming out is not worth the price that they put to it. 

I've also just been thinking about who I am. Really who am I, Dwayne, on a spiritual level who am I. I know what I have learned so far my life. I know what I have been told so far in my life. This is about my connections with the Norse gods and goddesses. The Greek gods and goddesses as well. I have also been told that I am somehow connected with what is called the green men. But that part right there is for another blog post. I have also been contemplating what I have done in past lives. Lately I have been doubting it. I've just been thinking did I really do that and am I really this person whom I have come to feel like I was.But that is just more due to the restrictions of being what I was then too being in this lifetime now. I feel very restricted in this current and carnation. I feel restricted in this lifetime. This is because I have not incarnated on Earth in an extremely long time. My soul is used to life elsewhere. Stuff that maybe I was able to do then I cannot do in this lifetime, and it is making me think why? Like why is it so hard to harness those powers and abilities that I once had in a past life and other incarnations. Why is it so hard for me to harness those powers and abilities to use in this lifetime? Especially if it can be used to help people, and I believe it could. That's basically everything I talked about with my wife. I have not brought these questions up to my Spirit guides and my soul group. I feel like it is because I want to search for my own answers. This is why I tried to spend a portion of my day meditating. When I lay down in the middle of the day I tried to meditate but I often fall asleep. Sometimes I don't remember anything, even if I have unlocked some answers to questions I would not remember them. So who am I really? My name is Dwayne Elliott and I was born on April 30th. I am a Taurus and an Earth Element. I love the outdoors and nature. I was born in New Jersey and moved to Sussex County Delaware when I was 8 years old and I have been here since then. I love living near the water and love living near nature. I am a Greenman and Shaman in heart.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Darkside

This is a short story of how my life was some years back. These things I wrote are exactly how I felt. I hope you all enjoy my life journey. Feel free to comment. 

      From the very beginning she was there guiding me and protecting me. However I refused to see. Maybe I didn't want to see. I wasn't ready to see. She is my guardian angel. As a result from not following her I walked down the wrong road. Life meant very little to me. No rules, no consequences and no regrets. One thing that I learned was everything comes with a price. I felt like I had sold my soul to the devil. That’s when it all started a descent to my own hell. It felt like there were demons following me wherever I went. Begging me and forcing me to do wrong and as a result I did. I tried to forget my past but it cloned me, haunted me and wouldn't let me go. Now I stand face to face with my demons. It was almost like death surrounded me; I could see it, touch it and smell it.

      My worst nightmares were beginning to come true. It was like the more they talked the more I would listen, I followed and I became one. There was a dark cloud hovering over my life and the sun couldn't break through. But when it did break through it never shined fully. It came in a beam and whoever that beam of light hit that person had to spread that among others. That beam never touched me. By the age of 10 I was one with the devil. He lived in me and I lived in him. My nightmares were now reality. The voices in my head continued to talk. I was at the point where I didn't care about anything or anyone including myself. I started to steal from stores and from people. The people I stole from were young, old, rich and from those just as broke as myself. I was cold-hearted and reckless. I was on the road to destruction, a road to nowhere.

      I was the devil's Advocate. I started drinking, smoking and doing drugs. Every day it was the same thing day in and day out. I continued to run with the devil for many years. Until that one day when I decided to stop running, that was the day my life changed. That was March 28, 2002. The day my grandmother died. That was the day when I had a constant fight with the devil, and he was beating me badly. He still wanted me to do wrong but I refused and the beatings got worse. I wanted to give in to him but instead I turned to the lord for help. I prayed and asked him to take my hand, guide me, to hide me and protect me from the devil. It was then he didn't do what I asked him to do. Instead he took me by the hand and gave me the strength and courage to fight back. That’s when that beam of light shined on me and I spread that light to many people that day.

      From that day on I've been walking with the lord. But the devil has his ways of trying to win you back. He comes in many shapes and sizes. One of the greatest tricks the devil ever did was convincing the world he didn’t exist. He has tried to win me back many of times to help him do his dirty work. But I didn't listen I just did what the Lord did and I turned my cheek. But every now and then he still comes to me with offers that I know I would have to wait for from the lord. But good things come to those who wait so I decided to run with the lord and not with the devil. Since I decided to put my life in the lord's hands and walk with him I have now become what some people would call God's Son. As God’s Son my life has been a lot better than it has ever been. He has changed my life around and I am so grateful for that. There are times I feel like giving up but I talk to him and my fiancé and they both make me realize that giving up is not an option. They tell me to have hope and keep faith and always remember that you must always go through the dark to get to the light. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Meaning Of The Number 11:11

     I would to begin with what the number 1 represents. The number 1 is a very powerful number. It is the base number and is the multiple of all numbers. It represents the drive to initiate and impel things forward. It also represents the sun and the intellect, and is considered masculine. When the number 1 represents people they are usually leaders, bosses, pioneers, visionaries, or even poor listeners. The number 1 can also come across as dominant, or aggressive. There is also some key elements and attributes to this number. The keyword for this number is “courage.” The key symbol is a flame. The number 1 is a strong independent symbol that represents a true channel for the Word of the Creator. Some of the attributes for this number is strong willpower, determination, originality, independence, leadership, pioneering spirit, and unique individuality. Other people who represent the number 1 are sometimes loners, people who are ahead of their time and people who love starting new things and have fresh ideas.             

     I would now like to explain the angelic meaning and the sequence of the number. Since the number is showing up as “11:11” I will first begin by giving the angelic meaning of the number 1. The angelic meaning for the number 1 is: “Stay Positive. Everything you’re thinking about right now is coming true, so be sure that you’re only thinking about what you desire. Give any fears to God and the angels.” Now the sequence could be this meaning times four which is very powerful. But it could also represent the number 11. The angelic meaning for the number 11 is: “Your thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others, and this situation.” The sequence could also be this meaning times two which is still very powerful. This sequence could also mean 1 plus 11 if you see it as 1:11. Either way you look at this is a very positive and uplifting message being sent to from either your guides, the angels, God, or from all them. They just want you to know that everything is ok and all is going as planned.  As long as you continue to think and manifest good/positive things then you will receive those things. So as long as you see this number just remember that you’re on the right track and everything is ok. 

     This is basically showing that new things are approaching, and they are good and positive energies. This is also a message that your spirit guides and guardians are near you. I also personally take this as a sign that I am on the right path!! 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Agartha: The Inner Earth

Channeled Session

October 6, 2016

            The inner earth is a topic of extreme importance. It is a topic which needs to be spoken on. Some of you are aware of this as Agartha, some as the fairy realms, etc. We speak to you on this topic, because we hear many of you yearning for sanctuary, and how close could a wonderful world be to earth than right under your feet? This is the reason for millennia that this topic has been so important. There are various portals inside of your earth. Many people feel that if they travel deep enough into the caves of earth that they will find this place. We come to say that it is not that simple. It takes a high degree of vibrational energy to enter in properly. We want to point out the quote which was established by the human Alexandre Saint-Yves in his work on the topic of the name Agartha. “Agartha and all of its wisdom and wealth will be accessible for all mankind, when Christianity lives up to the commandments which were once drafted by Moses and Jesus. We revealed this information to him using the mindset which he was accustomed to. This means that humanity will be able to access this connection to the other realms layering within your own when humanity the global ascension comes more underway. The original teachings of those masters long ago, such as some of those within the religious sector, have prepared humanity to be able to open up their minds to a certain degree. Without these individual religious teachings humanity would merely be living in the moment of now and the physical without looking any closer into the spiritual. For that is the purpose of spiritual faith, but your earth is awakening to a degree of ascension into higher thought and purpose. This is a matter of digging deeper into the realms beyond and accessing more knowledge and understanding. The global ascension is preparing each of you for your spiritual awakenings, and it is a flow of steady progress. Once this ascension energy has really set in, many of you will find yourselves becoming more in tune with the other realms which overlap your own. In this way you will be connected more to the realms beyond your own. It will be in small ways at first, and then in larger ways.

           Our realm is a place of beauty and connection which is based in both the physical and the beyond, which in your terms would be deemed as spiritual. We go by many names, but that is no matter. For what you call us is not as important as understanding the connection we share. You see our ships leaving through the Ocean tunnels. This is seen by all of you as USO’s or Unidentified Sailing Objects. Also you see us as some of the UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects. Since we are also in communion with physical, we have ships for inter realm and galactic travel. We have bases within your earth, and many portals which connect us. Humanity understand it as the earth being hollow with an inner sun. The way to reach this inner world would be through caves and tunnels which connect the inner earth with the outer earth. Imagine for a moment that you were traveling down these tunnels. Imagine that you walked and walked and finally you saw the entrance into the inner earth. You see it almost as if you were walking back to the surface again. This is the portal, the moment before when you were in the tunnel looking out into the inner earth surface, is how these things work. You would be looking through the portal, and if you continued to walk, it would transport you through. You could turn around once therein and see back into the tunnel. Think of this like your screen that you’re looking at right now. You’re seeing our channeler speaking our words. You are in one place, and they another. But it seems that you’re right in front of one another. Imagine that you could walk through the screen and be there with them or vice versa. This is the basic understandings of portals.

           For millennia humanity has known us through various cultures and under various names. We are some of the first to communicate with all of you. We come from the stars in your sky. We come from the constellations you all have gazed upon for years wondering if life exists. Yet humanity has dna based from the stars too. Much life has these star connections. It is not a rare occurrence. Very long ago the portals or stargates within your earth were placed. We established bases within the earth that were like sanctuaries. You ask us if we also have a physical place within the earth which some are in? Yes, there is something within earth which is similar in wording and understanding to what some of you may refer to as a biodome. That is the closest understanding we can give you. This biodome uses the earths minerals and substance to sustain the eco system. This has been set up for many years. When you see the photos which humans have been made of the inner earth realm, you can better understand its existence as a very large biodome. Very few make their way here into the dome, which we call an Euntholn (Eh-you-n-thawl-n) in our understanding. If you hear tales of humans making their way into the inner earth, it was not to the Euntholn/biodome, it was through the stargate portals which we have set up all over the earth. Essentially this means that they have traveled into another realm away from your own, but in similar timing.

           Many wonder if we were in connection with or in fact are who you all know at the Atlanteans. Atlantis was a sector of our communion which was established on top of the earth. Many of you know Atlantis as an island, and that is because it essentially was an island. It certainly was floating. But in reality it was something which can be called an Eco-Base. An Eco-Base is basically a floating ship which has the capabilities of flight or it can create a dome and sink into the water to act as an underwater base. This was a floating island, but many of you see Atlantis as being lost. We connect to tell you that it is not lost. It is still in existence. But it is no longer floating in the water as an island. It also did not fly off, even though it could have. Indeed, Atlantis sunk, but this was not a disaster. It is now in the deepest depths of the Ocean with a boundary of protection around it which means that it will not easily be found by tracking devices in your current technology. It will be found when it is time to lift it up back to the surface.        

      In regards to the Galactic Federation Of Light and of the different councils and sectors therein, we commend them for their work. We are in connection with them, and our bases are open to them. Our work is more on earth stabilization in closer more intimate ways, whereas theirs goes out into a broadened stream of missions. One might use our methods as subtle yet divine. We leave you with this knowledge today. Work on awakening your mind to the knowledge that is beyond current thought and physical vision. Let your minds and imagination wonder, because they key resides within the intuition. SemSeLar, we are home.   

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 24, 2016

Gfol message August 24, 2016
This moment in earth time humans are experience a good cleansing. Some have been feeling tired, others more emotional. It is all good and for the higher purpose. We want of you to know that light rays are ascending from portals that will be opening. We want you all to be aware that we have people on them for stabilisation. Within the next few weeks each of you will experience good energy that is available. Go outside more, sun gaze, star gaze, this will open up your energy centers to receiving the coding.

Realms of light

I speak of love coming from the center core of your realm and extending outwards. This reaches each of you, and I want you all to be aware that pure love is upon you. Love all as you would want to be loved, that will create a beautiful space for existence. We have information about sun flares. They may be increasing, which will produce energetic frequency delays will some, but for other who are aware to receive this will good for the ionosphere. Channeling will be heightened. Between 12am and 4am will be the best connecting times. You each will experience more energy when connecting with open air. By this I mean get outside and enjoy the open space if possible for your living area. If not then meditating around plants is a good place to begin. Be aware that earth's global ascension is coming. Be aware that all will ascend, even those you all see as internet trolls and negativity sharers. All will be in there own timing. Spread love all around you and love is what you'll get back in return.

Connective message:
Your earth space agencies have recently found their station named stereo b. They are limiting their knowledge about this. They know where it went and they know why it went out of sync.

STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) is a solar observation mission.Two nearly identical spacecraft were launched in 2006 into orbits around the Sun that cause them to respectively pull farther ahead of and fall gradually behind the Earth. This enables stereoscopic imaging of The Sun and solar phenomena, such as coronal mass ejections.

They will limit the truth, but the craft never fully went out of sync. It got bombarded with outside energy rays from a Galactic ship that didn't belong to them. But it didn't go completely off radar, and the secret part of your governments are aware of this. It captured depth photographic evidence of life outside of earth. Therefore they blocked it out until now. The reasoning they have let this out as being rediscovered is mainly unknown us. Remember that global awareness of Galactic life existence will be made known. Stay tuned for more.

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 22, 2016

Gfol message August 22, 2016
Eail (e-ay-el)

I come from a place of solitude in an area you know as m72. This is in what area you refer to as the Aquarius constellation. We call my home on m72 Biolume. It is a place of peace and tranquility. Our planet is 30 times the size of earth and has visual similarities. We have lush forests and flowing rivers with waterfalls. We embrace our planet in its pure form and live with our planet. We bring a message of love to humanity. I bring a message for you all to realize what harm you are doing to earth. Be aware that if a planet suffers, so too will the occupants of that planet. Take care of your earth, your planet is your home right now. It is precious. Take your individual steps into making it a better place. We bring knowledge you that many civilizations have ruined their home planet and went out to seek shelter elsewhere. It is a shame that this happens. The planet is used and then discarded to rejuvenate itself. We on Biolume bring planetary love to all, even the plants and rocks. We speak for those which get underappreciated. Many of you feel underappreciated in your lives. You feel as though people use you and do not care. So too does your earth. Take care of your home and your home will take care of you. Humanity is becoming aware of how everything has energy and particles which interact with one another, for good or for bad.

When you whisper loving words to water and freeze it, the crystalline structure responds, so too with negative. This is what you all have discovered. It is not merely water, it is everything. All things respond to its outside energy. So what you put out into things, you get back. If you want high-energy you'll want to be aware of the give and take required and the balance required for those energetically exchanged vibrations. Basically, if you give good things out, to all things not just those which move, you'll get good back. This is an important message for you all because you all need high energy to advance into your Global Ascension. This is an important message for all of you because it will aid you in gaining the energy required for your own personal spiritual ascensions and advancements as well. Meditation in nature is a good way to prove that there is an energetic balance. When someone meditates in nature, they receive good vibrational energy, and they also are giving out those good energy vibrations for the earth and the things around. This is a give-and-take balance that is established during those nature meditations. It is like giving care to a plant that you grew from a seed. You grew it because you put your energy into making it grow. So too can you grow the Earth. Earth's growth is equal to Earth's Global Ascension. This is a peaceful message meant to instill knowledge to you. For I, Eail speak to you all about love for all things, even the elements. Send your love to all, not just things that your eyes see as alive. If you had proof that the earth could feel, wouldn't you take better care of it? Consider that during your daily lives and share positivity whenever possible. We of Biolume treat life simplistically and that doesn't mean that we are not advanced. It merely means that we are aware of the balance it takes to establish a good connection with your home. We want all of you to have this global message. Peace, light, and cosmic love to you all!!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Update: August 19, 2016

Gfol message August 19, 2016
Collective Message

Reality and the process of awakening to knowledge that what seems to be true, may not. You all have the ability to awaken your manifestations to attract to you what you desire. Nothing is impossible, a part of the message for humanity is that you each must understand that knowledge is not preconceived. It is free flowing and can go in any direction, just like truth. Know that for many of you the process of awakening can be tough. The road to understanding the higher perceptions is a rough one, but each of you have the power within. Each of you are someone special and possible for achieving greatness. Focus on the daily mundane existence creates a false sense of reality that your daily life is what is real. The pursuit of bigger and better items of a party of this too. The bills, the jobs, the schooling, the work, the food, the newest items, etc. The constant back and forth of the same old thing is what many of you are tired of. This is even in media, politics, and in the things considered fun by some such as bars, clubs, amusement places. Many are becoming bored, and this seems to send you into a depression. It's like a thirst that cannot be quenched with just any drink. Like you are in a ball continuing to roll, but not going anywhere. You long to experience life outside of this ball, but you don't know how. The ball is false reality. This is why messages from our sectors come through speaking of looking within yourselves. You much search within yourself and through spiritual outlets to graduate from false reality into reality. Many of you wonder if this walk is an illusion, to which we reply yes and no. The experience is very real, and in that way it is not illusion. But this is a complex subject. Humanity is just now discovering quantum physics, but it goes so much deeper. We will be releasing more about this, but for now question the daily grind and why does it have to grind? Shouldn't it flow easily like a calm river flowing into a deep ocean? Shouldn't life be felt in full reality? Seen in true vivid colors? This is the meaning of the global ascension. Some seem to feel like these messages have been repeated too much and that they are not necessary, some feel nothing is forth coming. But it is. Know that truth resides just around the bend.

What is the purpose of the messages we send out through channelers?

The purpose of these messages are of Hope, passion, guidance, and Truth to the people of Earth and Beyond. Think about all of the prayers that are being put out to higher beings, and not many answers come forth that are direct. Our messages is a way to get forth answers in a direct manner. Our messages is also to help spread light to help with Earth's Global Ascension and the connection of Earth with the higher realms. This is also to help each of you to feel as though you are not separated. In all truth and reality each of you out there are not separated from the higher dimensions. You are no more separate from us as we are from you. Right now on physical Earth it just appears that way, and that is the false reality that we are trying to break all of you from. Our messages are to assist in open-hearted honesty and unconditional love.

Second message
Isir (eye-seer) gfol member
Via Orion council

So often has higher dimensional beings, gods and goddesses, angelic figures, or whatever the term been depicted as separate or somehow better because they have more awareness and a higher understanding. Many of your religious sectors on earth have depicted these ascended beings in a confusing light. This has created the false understanding that these ascended beings can not communicate in a direct way, do not communicate in a direct way, or merely do not want to be bothered with connecting directly. It is true that we do not want to spell out everything for you, but we want to assist all of you in Awakening these knowledge's that are within you. It is like connecting with your Spirit guides, connection with your Spirit guides is good. But your Spirit guides have a job which is to lead each of you in the right direction, they are not to force you in that direction. Why is this? It is because the answers are within and they want you to understand this for yourself. Because if you have to be told, chances are you will not believe. Belief comes from within. We want all of you to know that this is a part of the global Ascension. It is true that the birth of a soul can be done in a lower realm or a  higher realm. The ones that are brought forth through a higher Realms are generally, in the past, seen as gods and goddesses or Angelic figures. Know that many of your gods and goddesses as you know them go much deeper in there identity than your histories are saying. This is also because of human misunderstandings of such higher realities. Know that we have been with you since ancient times of earth, we of the Galactic Federation of Light and all of the different sectors and councils therein, have been with you since ancient times and thus we have been seen as gods and goddesses on Earth too. In recent times this has been become aware on Earth as the understanding of Ancient Aliens. This does not mean that we are any less than what people saw us in ancient times. This does not mean that we do not assist you. Understand that we are closer to you than you think. There are some Souls from the higher Realms which have incarnated on Earth in physical human form to assist in the global Awakening and the missions that have been set forth for Earth. We have mentioned this before but these Souls would be seen as incarnated ascended beings, starseeds, lightworkers, whatever the terminology. But does that make those any higher than Souls created in other realms? No. On a higher perspective, all are created equal and no one is any better than another. That is a very common misunderstanding on Earth particularly in religious sectors. They see the gods and goddesses, the angels, etc. as bigger or better. But I tell you that all are created equal and all have the same potential under Source energy.

We also want to touch base on the topic of extraterrestrial life-forms that are in physical incarnations but are not of Earth. This means that they were born on another planet in a physical body. There are life-forms out there that are similar to Earthlings in a sense that they are still in learning faces. There are life-forms out there that have already ascended and are in the process of sending. Those that have already ascended are in connection, direct connection, with the higher realms. What does this mean? This means that they can see us and hear higher dimensional beings. In Ascension the ideas of death become not as blurry and become highlighted in full reality. It is not fearful as it is for many of you now. Yes there are alien, as you would call them, life forms that are walking among you. These would be physical beings that were born on another planet. They are among you, and some are shapeshifters. This means that they can take on the appearance of human. Some of them in fact could pass as human and thus to pass as human. There are also ascended entities around you both of human origin and Beyond. This is the understanding that we want to help all humans realized. Earth is not disconnected, it merely appears that way because of the false perception that has been placed upon you. Awaken!!